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  1. Holy Trinity Family - Douma - Lebanon: The Miraculous Chalice ...

    Jan 09, 2021 · Fr Anatolii, however, a village priest with a large family, the spiritual son of Archimandrite Seraphim, who had also suffered much at the hands of his area's licensed official, converted the official to the Faith in the end. This is how it happened.

    • Douma (Lebanese Village)
    • Douma: Village of Endless Stories
    • Lebanon , DOUMA ...a Lebanese Old village ...Panasonic HDC SD90
    • Douma town by drone | بلدة دوما
  2. Maalouf - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · The route to Bsharri was difficult, and when the family stumbled onto an abandoned mountain village, they decided to resettle it. After rebuilding the structures, the village was named Douma (دوما) in commemoration of the original Maalouf village in Houran. A church named for Saint Sarkis, venerated by the Christians of Houran, was also ...

    • Derived from the Arabic Maayuf (معيوف) meaning "left out" under Islamic rule.
    • Lebanon
  3. Lebanon–Syria border clashes - Wikipedia

    On June 14, 2014, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters bombed the village of Tfeil in the Bekka valley causing much damage to people and property. [29] On 14 July, Hezbollah fighters launched an attack on Syrian rebels holding out on the border with Lebanon between Qalamoun and Arsal, killing three rebels and wounding ten.

  4. Troops deployed in Sudan's Darfur after scores killed in ...

    1 day ago · Douma said houses were burned and farm produce stolen in villages near El Geneina, but added that "we sent security to surround these villages and they are now secure".

  5. Uneasy calm in Sudan's Darfur after clashes kill 155

    1 day ago · A tense calm fell Tuesday on Sudan's Darfur region after days of inter-ethnic violence claimed at least 155 lives, left scores wounded and displaced tens of thousands, a tribal leader and a regional official said.

  6. Haiku # 687 – Rooted in Love

    Jan 10, 2021 · وضعت فمي على فمهاكأني بين شفتيها وجدتمهد الشعر والنبيذ ~ نمش بشرتهاالخريطة التي بهاأعبر الى النجوم ~ أبدأ نهاريوأنا أرتشف الدفىءمن شفتيك ~ كالثلج الأبيضيستقر العمرفي شعري Like white snowage settleson my hair ~ Batroun, Winter Night & Books Tea on a cold ...

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