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  1. Acne - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Doxycycline 40 milligrams daily (low-dose) appears to have similar efficacy to 100 milligrams daily and has fewer gastrointestinal side effects. However, low-dose doxycycline is not FDA-approved for the treatment of acne. Antibiotics applied to the skin are typically used for mild to moderately severe acne.

  2. Body louse - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Typhus can be treated with one dose of doxycycline, but if left untreated, the fatality rate is 30%. Relapsing fever can be treated with tetracycline and depending on the severity of the disease, if left untreated it has a fatality rate between 10–40%. [12]

  3. Swansea - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Ancient history. The area around Swansea has a unique archaeological history dating back to the Palaeolithic.Finds at Long Hole Cave on the Gower Peninsula have been interpreted as that of the first modern humans in Britain, and the same area is also home to the oldest ceremonial burial in Western Europe, discovered at Paviland in 1823, and dated to 22,000 BC The area also has many Bronze Age ...

    • 150 sq mi (380 km²)
    • Wales
  4. Antibiotique — Wikipédia

    1 day ago · Les cyclines (exemples : tétracycline, doxycycline, auréomycine) : en se fixant sur la sous-unité (30 S), elles bloquent l’élongation de la chaîne polypeptidique. Les macrolides et kétolides (exemples : érythromycine, azithromycine) agissent sur la partie 50 S du ribosome et bloquent l’élongation de la chaîne polypeptidique.

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  6. Fatal insomnia - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Fatal insomnia is a rare disorder that results in trouble sleeping. The problems with sleeping typically start out gradually and worsen over time. Other symptoms may include speech problems, coordination problems, and dementia.

    • Progressive insomnia leading to dementia and death.
    • Supportive care
  7. Tea tree oil - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor and a colour that ranges from pale yellow to nearly colourless and clear. It is derived from the leaves of the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, native to southeast Queensland and the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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    1 day ago · Wikipedia® est une marque déposée de la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., organisation de bienfaisance régie par le paragraphe 501(c)(3) du code fiscal des États-Unis. Politique de confidentialité À propos de Wikipédia

  9. Tedizolid - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Tedizolid (formerly torezolid, trade name Sivextro), is an oxazolidinone-class antibiotic. Tedizolid phosphate is a phosphate ester prodrug of the active compound tedizolid. It was developed by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, following acquisition of Trius Therapeutics (originator: Dong-A Pharmaceuticals), and is marketed for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (also ...

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