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    Feb 04, 2020 · Dr. Jan Pol’s Children & Grandchildren. Dr. Jan Pol is an example of a dream that is quickly dying nowadays, which is the American dream. He came from the Netherlands, for his wife, Diane Pol, and made a respectable name for himself among the veterinary world and animal lovers around the country.

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    Oct 29, 2019 · Dr. Jan Pol ‘s son Charles Pol, who stars with his veterinarian dad on Nat Geo Wild’s The Incredible Dr. Pol, just welcomed his first child, a rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. Charles and his...

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    Jun 26, 2018 · Charles Pol is the only son and other two Diane Pol Jr and Kathy Pol are the daughters. Dr. Pol and his wife have three adopted Children Among three children, they adopted Charles and Kathy right from the birth. Kathy was first to be taken in the family and a few years later was Charles.

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    Dr Jan Pol daughter Kathy Pol is the eldest of all three adopted children of Dr Pol and his wife Diane. She learned everything about the farm chores at an early age from her father, who is a Dutch veterinarian popular for the television show “The incredible Dr Pol”.

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    Apr 25, 2020 · Caption: Dr. Jan Pol’s daughter, Kathy Pol Dr. Jan Pol has three children with his wife, but it might come as a surprise to most people that all three of his children are not his own. Yes, all three children, Kathy Pol, Charles Pol, and Diane Louise Pol Jr., are adopted.

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    Dr. Jan Pol was born as the youngest of six children in Drenthe, Netherlands on September 4, 1942. He grew up on a dairy farm with his two brothers and three sisters. Due to family lifestyle and the setting around him in early years, Dr.Pol was bound to like animals. Initially, he wanted to be a farmer, however, at the age of twelve years, the precise moment Dr.Pol helped a vet deliver a litter of piglets he knew he wanted to be a veterinary doctor in future. So it is not a surprise Dr. Pol turned his inspiration into a career. He studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University and graduated there with a DVM degree.

    Dr. Pol met his wife Diane Pol when he was a foreign exchange student at Mayville High School in 1961. His sister had moved to Canada, to be near he spent a high school year in Michigan. There he became friend with Diane who was the daughter of host parents.

    Dr.Pol returned to Netherlands and he kept in touch with Diane through letters. The couple exchange letters for some years which helped their relationship flourish. Through one of the letters, Dr. Pol invited Diane to visit Netherland which further helped cement their relationship.

    Dr. Pol got married to Diane Pol in a wedding ceremony in 1967. After the marriage, the couple returned to Netherland so that Dr.Pol could complete his education. He graduated from the prestigious Utrecht University Veterinary program in 1970.

    Dr.Pol and his wife are an inspirational couple; from being a loving partner at home to working together in Vet service, they are all there. In more than 50 years of marriage, the couple does not have kids of own. They have three adopted children a son and two daughters. His son Charles Pol and daughter Kathy Pol were adopted right from the birth, and third child Diane Jr at the age of 18.

    Dr.Pol has enjoyed an accomplished life of a Veterinarian. He is the owner of Pol Veterinary Services with a team of specialists at his disposal to serve in Weidman, Michigan. Over the years he has provided service more to than 19,000 clients. Initially, he began service for the large animals with so many years of experience and need of time he provides facility for small animals too. Dr. Pol treats horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, goats, chickens and even an occasional reindeer.

    Dr. Pol is a reality TV star; he gained worldwide fame through Nat Geo Wild TV series The Incredible Dr.Pol. He is also known for His son Charles who is actor and producer put forth the idea of making Dr.Pols Vet business into a TV show and acts as the co-executive producer. While Dr. Pol did not expect to get the show past the first season here, it is currently in the twelfth season. As the cast of TV show and the owner of a Pol veterinary service, Dr. Pol earns an impressive sum. His net worth is estimated at $1M.

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    Dec 29, 2020 · Jan-Harm Pol was born on 4 September 1942, in Drenthe, Netherlands, so is currently aged 76. He is a Dutch-American veterinarian, probably best recognized as a reality television personality, who has made appearances in the reality TV series “The Incredible Dr. Pol”, which has been airing on the Nat Geo Wild Network since 2011.

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    Pol is married to Diane Pol and has three children. All of the Pol children are adopted, daughter Kathy and son Charles at birth and daughter Diane at age 17, after having been the Pols' foster child for eight years. Pol is color blind, unable to correctly distinguish certain colors like green and red.

  10. Sep 23, 2018 · Brenda Grettenberger first became known in 2011, for her work with veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol on the Nat Geo reality TV show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’. The show premièred that year and featured ...

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