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  1. In film and television, drama is a category of narrative fiction (or semi-fiction) intended to be more serious than humorous in tone. Drama of this kind is usually qualified with additional terms that specify its particular super-genre, macro-genre, or micro-genre, such as soap opera, police crime drama, political drama, legal drama, historical drama, domestic drama, teen drama, and comedy ...

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    Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance: a play, opera, mime, ballet, etc., performed in a theatre, or on radio or television. Considered as a genre of poetry in general, the dramatic mode has been contrasted with the epic and the lyrical modes ever since Aristotle's Poetics (c. 335 BC)—the earliest work of dramatic theory.

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    This article is on film, television and radio drama. As it excludes the theatre it is not on the genre. To add to the confusion there is another article drama, which focusses on the theatre. It also overlaps with other existing articles, including Radio drama and Television play, though most of the content deals with film. Perhaps this article should just focus on films? Does it need it re-naming: Say Drama, film or Drama (film and television)? Rwood128 (talk) 20:47, 17 April 2016 (UTC) 1. I've just realized that there is an old merge proposal on the Drama page.Rwood128 (talk) 20:57, 17 April 2016 (UTC) I think we should decide here what exactly the modern genre "drama" (defined by serious/heavy tone and often realism) includes in order to clarify our first sentence. Right now, we only say it is a genre of television program and film. Is it not also a genre of radio program and even theatre? (I realize the latter two have the capacity to become confusing. Radio drama is its own arti...

    I suggest that a more appropriate title would be A drama: genre fiction Is this acceptable? Rwood128 (talk) 10:55, 19 April 2016 (UTC) 1. However, genre fiction seems to focus only on prose. What about Drama (media genre)? I'd appreciate help in this matter.Rwood128 (talk) 11:22, 20 April 2016 (UTC) What about Drama: the modern genre? Rwood128 (talk) 09:34, 21 April 2016 (UTC) 1. We don't use colons that way. See WP:AT and WP:DAB. — SMcCandlish ☺ ☏ ¢ ≽ʌⱷ҅ᴥⱷʌ≼ 05:49, 31 August 2016 (UTC)

    I have suggested on the Drama Talk page that the merge proposal should be withdrawn. Rwood128 (talk) 11:50, 19 April 2016 (UTC) 1. 1.1. See this discussion on the Drama Talk page . Rwood128 (talk) 13:23, 20 August 2016 (UTC) 1. 1.1. 1.1.1. In view of the discussion on Drama's Talk page, shouldn't this article be merged with Drama? Rwood128 (talk) 12:58, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

    Just to flag up, without being able to fix it. From the research I did before trying to improve this article, it's clear that many of the definitions here and in their respective articles are in dire need of work. I glanced at melodrama and costume drama, both of which have unsourced definitions that contradict what the scholarly sources I read say. • DP • {huh?}17:07, 31 August 2016 (UTC)

    With the ongoing debate and reassessment of racial policies across the board, wouldn't it behoove Wikipedia to also remove Gone with the Wind as 'the' example of a film drama, because of its racial content? --Sabre Runner (talk) 07:31, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

    Per MOS:LINKSTYLE, section headers should not be linked. There should be a {{main article}} or {{see also}} link below the header, with a summary of what the page is that you're linking to. BIGNOLE (Contact me)16:21, 5 June 2021 (UTC) 1. Done - Daveout(talk)15:00, 12 June 2021 (UTC)

  4. t. e. List of drama films is a chronological listing of films in the drama genre. List of drama films of the 1900s. List of drama films of the 1910s. List of drama films of the 1920s. List of drama films of the 1930s. List of drama films of the 1940s. List of drama films of the 1950s.

  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In film and television, drama is a genre of narrative fiction (or semi-fiction) intended to be more serious than humorous in tone. Drama of this kind is usually qualified with additional terms that specify its particular subgenre, such as " police crime drama ", " political drama ", " legal drama ", " historical period drama ", " domestic drama ", or " comedy-drama ".

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    Full House is an American television sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC.The show is about widowed father Danny Tanner who enlists his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone to help raise his three daughters, eldest D.J., middle child Stephanie and youngest Michelle in his San Francisco home.

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