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  1. Oct 21, 2012 · Summary–“The Dot” is about a young girl named Vashti who does not believe he can draw. One day, her teacher tells her to just make a mark and see where it takes her. She grabbed her marker, made a dot, and signed it. The next day when she saw it hanging in a frame, she told herself she could make a better dot than that!

  2. See our 2021 brand rating for Peter H. Reynolds and analysis of 1,913 Peter H. Reynolds Reviews for 3 Products in Children's Books and Education & Reference

  3. Oct 22, 2009 · A children's story, told in few words must be well crafted. I had no desire to read this book more than once, so back to the library it went. The illustrations were done by the author, and they were great. If the narrative had been two notches better I could have really liked the book. My Rating: 2 Stars - I won't be adding it to my kids "wish ...

  4. The Book Companion Activities. One of the first book activities is for students to identify their traits. Just as modeled in Peter H Reynolds Be You! book, the students draw a picture of themselves in the center of the page. When students are using a digital format, they can insert a picture in the page’s center.

  5. Book – The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds Reynolds, Peter (2003). The Dot. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press Summary of The Dot: The book is about Vashti and her experience in art class. She is frustrated by her lack of ability to draw anything and ends up with a blank page.

  6. Feb 14, 2021 · Happy Dreamer is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, which celebrates the joys and challenges of being a creative spirit. The text is rather simplistic and straightforward. A shaggy-haired boy narrates, explaining that while the world often tells him to sit still and be quiet.

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  7. Nov 25, 2016 · Author: Peter H Reynolds. Reynolds, P. (2004). “Ish.” United States: Candlewick Press. Grade: 3 . Materials: A copy of the book “Ish”, paper and pencils Description of the book cover: The cover of the book is primarily white with a watercolour painting of a boy leaping with a paint brush. The title looks as though the boy on the cover ...

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