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    • Megan Graney
    • Watercolor Zentangle Hearts. While a watercolor background helps these patterned hearts pop, you could easily forego any painting in this project and simplify it to a black-and-white drawing (and eliminate messy clean up while you’re at it) or use crayons or markers to color in the doodles.
    • Doodle Art. If you’re looking for a super simple drawing project that will also keep your little artists entertained for hours, try this clever doodle art.
    • Exquisite Corpse Group Drawing. Don’t be turned off by the morbid name of this classic drawing activity, it’s actually totally appropriate (and highly enjoyable) for kids.
    • Optical Illusion Drawing. To help kid drawers begin to understand how to create three-dimensional art, teach them this simple optical illusion technique.
  1. Here are some drawing ideas for 5 to 10-year-olds: Draw the cast of (their favorite TV-Show) Draw a Jumping Dog or Cat Trace a household item (like a statue or a spoon) Draw yourself! This one can be hard when they’re young, but I recommend you start giving this drawing prompt early so they can see the evolution throughout the years

  2. Get the pack of ten free printable drawing prompts here. If you’d like to try something with an educational spin, try Animal Drawing Prompts! Children will discover fun animal facts and create fifteen science-themed pictures. Draw the missing half prompts are popular with my kids – we’ve done insects, flowers, landmarks, and vehicles.

  3. Aug 31, 2022 · Draw the sun, the moon, and clouds in the sky overhead. Draw the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “freedom”. Draw yourself as an adult. Draw an object. Draw a picture of what you want for the future. Draw a picture of an important moment in your life.

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