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    What are some good and easy drawing ideas?

    What to draw for beginners?

    How to teach drawing basics to kids?

    What to draw when bored?

    • Hand Tracing Animals. With a marker or a pen, help your child trace around the edges of their hand to look like an animal and then color it. Most people know the classic turkey shape, but there are all sorts of other animals you can make!
    • Tandem Drawing. Tandem drawing is when you and your child draw on the same page at the same time. Tandem drawing may also be called “sharing drawing” or “family drawing.”
    • Watercolors with Edge Tracing. Get out the watercolors if you’re not afraid to get a little messy! Children love the pretty colors, and they’re much easier to clean up than more permanent paints like acrylics or oils.
    • Body Tracing with Chalk. Most people think of drawing as an indoor activity, but there are plenty of ways to draw while enjoying the outdoors. Take a bucket of chalk out onto the driveway and let your child draw in the sun!
  2. Easiest drawings for kids. Educational videos for drawing and coloring. Get The Markers HERE =

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  3. May 10, 2019 - Let's get some ideas/inspiration, and free materials for kids drawing! Learn step-by-step drawing, easy to follow and fun drawings. #kidsdrawing #easydrawings #drawinginspiration #howtodraw #fundrawing #freeprintables.

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    • Watercolor Zentangle Hearts. While a watercolor background helps these patterned hearts pop, you could easily forego any painting in this project and simplify it to a black-and-white drawing (and eliminate messy clean up while you’re at it) or use crayons or markers to color in the doodles.
    • Doodle Art. If you’re looking for a super simple drawing project that will also keep your little artists entertained for hours, try this clever doodle art.
    • Exquisite Corpse Group Drawing. Don’t be turned off by the morbid name of this classic drawing activity, it’s actually totally appropriate (and highly enjoyable) for kids.
    • Optical Illusion Drawing. To help kid drawers begin to understand how to create three-dimensional art, teach them this simple optical illusion technique.
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