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    3 days ago · It consists of 25 half-hour episodes. The series is set in Chicago. The first season was released on Netflix on September 22, 2016. In April 2017, Swanberg revealed the series had been renewed for a second season, which was released on December 1, 2017.

  2. Jake Johnson - Wikipedia

    Oct 14, 2020 · Jake Johnson (born Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger; May 28, 1978) is an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as Nick Miller in the Fox sitcom New Girl (2011–18), for which he was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series in 2013, and as the older Peter B. Parker/Spider-Man in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018).

  3. List of Strike Witches characters - Wikipedia

    Oct 14, 2020 · She is considered to have a gloomy personality with a slightly suicidal streak and often has a bit of a depressed side to her but shows supports for Tomoko Anabuki on her decisions in spite of her insubordinate personality. She has a close relationship with Hannah Rudel and Wilma Bishop who were drinking buddies. Elizabeth wields a Kukri in battle.

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    Miyu is a beautiful yet apparently lonely woman. Before becoming an idol, she was an office lady. In the original game, she met the Producer on Christmas Eve, a holiday usually reserved for couples in Japan. She is very shy and nervous, and has trouble smiling or enjoying herself. Miyu had a Golden Retriever in her childhood, but its death is one of the causes she gained her sad and somewhat tragic nature, on top of an implied troubled past. She has a crush on the Producer due to his kind actions towards her, and even says that he's as important to her as her family. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theaterskits, Miyu acts as a motherly figure to the younger idols and will often take care of them if in need. She enjoys acting, and sees it as her growth of becoming a new person through her idol life. She enjoys the extraordinary urban view from an above ground club, calling it one of her favorite places. Miyu is also an excellent golfer. In Starlight Stage, the Producer meets her when...


    1. Her age puts her at a position of becoming what some Japanese say is “too old to marry”, many fans suspect her behavior is due to being widowed, or a bad experience with men. There are also other signs that point at a troubled past: she has said that she was easily pressured into things and couldn't go against the flow, implying that she used to be taken advantage of before. Also, she moved a lot in the past (which lead to her having problems making friends). 2. She appears to get drunk ea...

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  5. Peter Griffin (Family Guy (Post Season 6)) - Loathsome ...

    5 days ago · Most of his time is spent with his drinking buddies, getting wasted and going wherever he wants, doing whatever they want, and costing thousands of dollars of damage with his drunken or sober tomfoolery. He has been willing to do much more for his friends than he has for his family as well.

  6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki
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    On Sunday, Greg talks about how his parents talk about how the older days were better, and about how he is not sure of the reason why they think that way: Greg thinks they are just jealous of all the technology and says that maybe in the future we won't have to use our legs for getting around. He talks about how Susan remembers happily how everyone in her town knew each other, but Greg worries that if that applied, the neighbors would ruin his privacy. He then narrates how Susan thinks that t...


    Since the park incident, Frank has become angry and believes both Greg can't be watched on his own. Greg starts to think there's a camera in Manny's stuffed duck. Luckily for Greg, Susan takes Frank to the airport on a business trip on Friday morning. The same morning, Greg tries to cap his toothpaste tube after brushing his teeth like Frank said, but drops the cap in the sink, where it bounces and falls down the drain. Greg tries to fish the cap out with a cotton swab, but all he fishes up i...

    On Pages 147 & 148, Greg, Rowley, and the other Camp members are shown too tall. This error also happened on Page 55 where Frank is shown too tall.
    On Page 4, Susan is shown too short.
    This is the first book where the book's title is written in color.
    The book was released in more than 90 countries and territories around the world, setting a publishing record. [confirmation needed]
    This is the 10th book in the series.
    This is the first book where the Pig has a role where he is in the Heffley family.
    The back cover
    The Spanish version
  7. 2 days ago · A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to forget. A hyphenated word and a non-hyphenated word walk into a bar and the bartender nearly chokes on the irony. And sadly that’s it. Some of them were bloody brilliant! Thanks again, Stephanie. This is us last weekend … we had a few too many beers and decided to pick on the neighbors.

  8. 6 days ago · How to Focus More in Class. Slacking off during class isn't only a bad habit, but it's also very detrimental to your grade! Focusing in class really proves to teachers that you are a capable student but it also shows that you have got a...

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  9. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Wikiquote,_Pet
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    If I Were a Carpenter

    1. [After they meet Wayne for the first time] 2. Oz:Spurs. You can tell, man. 1. Bomber: Bomber's ready. Bomber's away! 2. Dennis: Aye Bomber. Unstoppable. 1. Oz: I'll tell you one thing, mate. Sex is in its infancy in Gateshead. 1. Oz: Well yer kna what they say. Pelicans, penguins and the Inland Revenue have all got one thing in common. 2. Dennis: What's that? 3. Oz: They can all shove their bills up their arse. 1. Oz:You come from Dusseldorf? 2. German Worker:Dusseldorf? Ya. 3. Oz:Seems li...

    Who Won the War Anyway?

    1. Dennis: I've seen blokes like you come and go all the times I've worked in Germany. Never been out the UK before. Never eaten foreign food, never drank foreign beer. Fish out of water without the wife or the mother to lend a guiding hand. After a week they've lost their passports, they've got pissed, lost most of their money, and become ridiculously nationalistic for the country that can't even bloody employ them in the first place! 1. Herr Ulrich: Danke schon. 2. Oz: And donkey shite to y...

    The Girls They Left Behind

    1. Oz: Well, from now on, let's keep the wife's mafia out of wer lives, he?

    The Return of the Seven: Part 1

    (Barry and his apprentice Trevor are working on Barry's house. Barry takes out his photo of the group outside the hut) 1. Barry: Awww, ha-ha. Look at this! 2. Trevor: Desperate looking bunch. 3. Barry: (looking offended)Do you mind!? Salt of the earth, these lads. We were known as The Magnificent Seven. 4. Trevor: What? Throughout Germany? 5. Barry: No, in our hut, amongst ourselves, like. Yes... (chuckles as he looks at the picture and points to the people in the photo) There's Bomber. Stron...

    The Return of the Seven: Part 2

    1. Dennis:I heard you got thrown off the Falklands. 2. Oz:Oh, you heard about that! Aye, what'd it say on the charge sheet? "The first person to be forcably ejected since the Argentinians."

    A Law For The Rich

    1. Wayne: I wouldn't jump a mate's bird, not at three in the afternoon. 2. Oz: Just as well for him it wasn't half past. 1. Wayne:Moxey's right, we're embarking on a great new adventure. We're the magnificent seven and Dennis is Yul Brynner! 2. Oz:'Aye, he's got aboot the same amount of hair like. 3. Dennis:Aye, very funny. Look, we're not going off to repel some marauding mexicans yer know!

    Bridging the Gap

    1. [On finding Wayne didn't show up] 2. Oz:I'm amazed the rest of you turned up. 3. Moxey:We were hoping there was a will. 1. Oz:There was no Good about 'The Good Old Days' was there? 1. Oz:The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge. Designed by the Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company of Darlington and opened, on October 17th 1911, by Prince Arthur of Connaught. 2. Dennis:What's our next stop? A guided tour of the Haverton Hill glue factory? 3. Oz:Now, as you can see, there's great tracts of l...

    Heavy Metal

    1. Oz:Grainger's consortium put this job out to tender, high-tech civil engineering companies. Well, all them overehads: bringing in cranes from the continent and what-have-ya, the lowest quote they got was 2 million nicker. 2. Dennis:Well we're Way below that! Can we do it? 3. Oz:Yes, we can do it because We are lo-tech. We’re gonna pull it down the same way as they put it up 90 years ago...with pulleys and chains and sweat and toil…. 1. Yorgo: Your friend…he thinks with his head. 2. Oz: Oh...

    Bridge Over Troubled Water

    1. Oz: If this goes pear shaped, what am I going to do with a bridge? 1. [Moxey is told to lie low in the motel low for a while] 2. Dennis: It’s got a vending machine full of Mars Bars, Sky One, UK Gold – for somebody like you, that’s luxury! 3. Moxey: You’ve got a point there, Den. 1. Wyman: Does my skin bother you?! 2. Oz: Divvn’t be daft man, my team play in black and white, divvn’t they?! I’ve just got a thing about Cockneys. 1. [The lads are in the van driving to see Oz's son's show] 2....

    Britannia Waives the Rules

    1. [In a meeting at the O.E.D.] 2. Colin Vanes: Well there’s no question mark over your experience, but the nature of who we are and what we do means that we go into extensive background vetting. 3. Dennis: And what does that entail? 4. Colin Vanes: Well we have to be sure that our people are never in a position where they can be compromised or blackmailed, so we’re extremely thorough on security clearances. 5. [Dennis looks at Oz] 6. Oz: Well, er, you’re gonna find this out sooner or later s...

    Our men in Havana

    1. [Oz is bearing a grudge, Dennis tries to resolve it] 2. Dennis:D'you remember when we first met? 3. Oz:Nah. 4. Dennis:It was on that housing estate in Cramlington. 5. Oz:It was Bedlington, actually. 6. Dennis:Oh, so you do remember? 7. Oz:Well, vaguely. 8. Dennis:You turned up on spec, right? Looking for a job and the foreman was away. So I hired you. When he came back, he was gonna give you the sack. 9. Oz:Was he? 10. Dennis:Yeah. 11. Oz:Why? 12. Dennis: Your mouth mostly. Also, you tried...

    A Gift from Fidel

    1. Moxey: Well who do you miss? 2. Oz: Well me son for one. I missed a lot of him growing up. Fortunately that included the moment he started putting his key in the back door, so to speak. 1. Oz: You had no right to lumber us with this! 2. Dennis: I’m not trying to score brownie points with the Embassy, it’s all part and parcel of the job, right?! Some days we saw planks. Some days we lay bricks. And some days we pick up bloody bath tubs! 1. [On the journey to pick up the bath] 2. Moxey: Righ...

    Au Revoir: Part 1

    1. [In the beseiged embassy] 2. Embassy official:They're trying to ram the perimeter wall. 3. Dennis:They won't breach it, we built that wall. 1. Oz:I've none of the local shekels, whatever they are. 2. Dennis:Kip. 3. Oz:Precious little of that on the plane! 1. [Oz sees cockroaches in their hut] 2. Wyman:Don't worry, they don't bother you. 3. Oz:Really? 4. Wyman:Well, they do bother you. But it's not fatal. 1. [Barry describes his emotional reunion with Tatiana] 2. Oz:Did you slip her a lengt...

    Au Revoir: Part 2

    1. Oz:Well, as far as huts go, I think we've reached rock bottom with this one. No beds, big bugs, no bog and a bamboo roof. 2. Mozey:Yeah, 'cause they've been improving over the years haven't they, the huts? The one in Vientiane was borderline house. 1. [The lads are caught up as hostages] 2. Wyman: Did you see Barry? 3. Oz: Aye 4. Wyman: How is he? 5. Oz: Bombed out on opium is how he is. 6. Neville: Aye? 7. Moxey: Opium? 8. Oz: Aye, weeeell, opium oot here's like marmite back home, there's...

    Dennis L. Patterson - (Tim Healy)
    Neville Hope - (Kevin Whately)
    Leonard "Oz" Osborne - (Jimmy Nail)
    Barry Spencer Taylor - (Timothy Spall)
    Wayne Winston Norris - (Gary Holton)
    Albert Arthur Moxey - (Christopher Fairbank)
  10. 4 days ago · Friends Group Name For Whatsapp And Family. Friends Group Name: Hello friends, we will see a lot of fun today, which will see in the name of the Friend group.But it is such a great friend that you are continually looking for the name of Friend’s group.