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  1. Drum kits for virtual drums beats | Free drummer games online

    Drummer games: play drums beats online with the virtual drum kit for Hip hop - To change the default settings, click on the drumset element you want to set, then press the key you want it to be coupled with. You can only use keys that are not already assigned to any element. To clean all settings click RESET, to go back to the default settings, click DEFAULT, to save your settings click SAVE.

  2. A clap. S hihat. D kick

  3. A very easy to use drum machine. You can choose from various drum kits, create, save and edit your drum patterns and record it as audio files.

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  5. Drum Machine online -

    Use Chrome/Firefox or go to Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation and turn it on and reload page to be able to use the virtual drums. Open this page on an iPhone to play virtual drums with your phone Shortcut: PS.

  6. Virtual Drums Game: Play the Epic Drum Set [Mobile Drumming]

    Using the latest technology, we have created this free online drum set that works on mobile devices. Record your tracks and learn how to play drums using the note by note player. The drum kit includes: Bass drum; Snare drum; Rimshot; Open hi-hat; Closed hi-hat; High tom; Low tom; Floor tom; Crash; Ride; To play the drum set, please click on the "Load virtual drum" button. Mobile virtual drumming with dynamics

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  7. Virtual Electronic Drum Kit

    Learn and play the free Virtual Electronic Drum Kit online and on many other musical instruments.

  8. Free Drum Kits - Free Drum Kits

    Lil Uzi Vert Drum Kit (9357 downloads) Caveman Drum Kit (2847 downloads) Drake Drum Kit (34442 downloads) TNT Trap Metal Drum Kit (68206 downloads) Wheezy Outta Here Drum Kit (97597 downloads) Gloom Sounds Drum Kit (87532 downloads) Murda Beatz Drum Kit (29860 downloads) Blvnt$ Drum Kit (26881 downloads) JetsonMade Drum Kit (62465 downloads)

  9. Joey Jordison drum set | Music games online Virtual Drumming

    Play online along to Slipknot's songs on Joey Jordison's virtual drum set with touch or with the keys matching the drum set elements, snare drum, toms, cymbals, double bass drum and hihat. Press "keys" from the menu to modify the correspondence between the keys and the virtual drum set elements.

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