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  1. Otto of Greece - Wikipedia

    Otto Friedrich Ludwig (Greek: Όθων, Óthon; 1 June 1815 – 26 July 1867) was a Bavarian prince who ruled as King of Greece from the establishment of the monarchy on 27 May 1832, under the Convention of London, until he was deposed on 23 October 1862.

  2. Albert II of Belgium - Wikipedia

    Duke Karl Theodor in Bavaria: 5. Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria: 11. Infanta Maria Josepha of Portugal: 1. Albert II of Belgium: 12. Oscar II of Sweden: 6. Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland: 13. Princess Sophia of Nassau: 3. Princess Astrid of Sweden: 14. Frederick VIII of Denmark: 7. Princess Ingeborg of Denmark: 15. Princess Louise of Sweden

    • 9 August 1993 – 21 July 2013
    • Baudouin
  3. Aschaffenburg - Wikipedia

    Aschaffenburg lies in the far northwest of the state of Bavaria, close to the border to the state of Hesse. Climate. The climate is continental, typically with warm, dry summers and cold, damp winters. Aschaffenburg usually receives less snowfall during the winter than the nearby Spessart. Subdivision

  4. Albert II dari Belgium - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu ...

    Duke Maximilian Joseph di Bavaria: 10. Duke Karl-Theodor di Bavaria: 21. Puteri Ludovika dari Bavaria: 5. Duchess Elisabeth di Bavaria: 22. Miguel dari Portugal: 11. Infanta Maria Josepha dari Portugal: 23. Puteri Adelaide dari Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg: 1. Albert II dari Belgium: 24. Oscar I dari Sweden: 12. Oscar II dari Sweden: 25 ...

  5. Maria of Brabant, Duchess of Bavaria. Maria of Brabant was a ...

    Maria of Brabant was a daughter of Henry II, Duke of Brabant, and Maria of Swabia. She married Louis II, Duke of Bavaria, being the first of three wives.

  6. Adam Weishaupt - Wikipedia

    Adam Weishaupt was born on 6 February 1748 in Ingolstadt in the Electorate of Bavaria. Weishaupt's father Johann Georg Weishaupt (1717–1753) died [5] when Adam was five years old. After his father's death he came under the tutelage of his godfather Johann Adam Freiherr von Ickstatt [6] who, like his father, was a professor of law at the ...

  7. Albertas II – Vikipedija

    Albertas II (pranc. Albert Félix Humbert Théodore Christian Eugène Marie, ol. Albert Felix Humbert Theodoor Christiaan Eugène Marie, vok. Albert Felix Humbert Theodor Christian Eugen Mariag. 1934 m. birželio 6 d., Briuselyje, Belgijoje) – Belgijos karalius, (1993 m. rugpjūčio 9 d. – 2013 m. liepos 21 d.)

  8. Алберт II од Белгије — ВикипедијаАлберт_II_од...

    Алберт II од Белгије (франц. Albert II de Belgique, Albert Félix Humbert Théodore Christian Eugène Marie, хол. Albert II van België, нем. Albert II., König der Belgier, вал.

  9. Elisabet Bavariakoa - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

    Elisabet Amalia Eugenia Bavariakoa (alemanez: Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie Herzogin in Bayern; Munich, 1837ko abenduaren 24a - Geneva, 1898ko irailaren 10a) Sissi ezizenaz ezaguna, Austriako enperadorearen emaztea (1854-1898) eta Hungariako erregin ezkontidea (1867-1898) izan zen.

  10. Филип од Белгије — ВикипедијаФилип_од_Белгије

    Филип од Белгије (15. април 1960) је краљ Белгије од 21. јула 2013. године.До ступања на престо носио је титулу принца и војводе од Брабанта.

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