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  1. Clarence, Duke of. (1) George (1449–1478), the third surviving son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, was created Duke of Clarence in 1461 by his elder brother Edward IV, who in that year became England’s first Yorkist king ( 3 Henry VI 2.6). However, in defiance of his brother Edward’s wishes, he married the elder daughter of the ...

  2. George in Shakespeare. Appears in: Henry VI, Part 3; Richard III. George first appears in 3 Henry VI where he is seen mourning the death of his father with his two remaining brothers. After Edward IV ascends the throne, George is created Duke of Clarence.

  3. Thomas, Duke of Clarence is one of King Henry’s sons, and Prince Harry’s brother. Of the King’s four sons, he is the closest to Harry, something that the King hopes will allow him to be a good influence once Harry takes the throne. He is worried about his father’s health. He returns in Henry V. Keep me logged in.

  4. Methoughts that I had broken from the Tower 9. And was embark’d to cross to Burgundy, 10. And in my company my brother Gloucester, 11. Who from my cabin tempted me to walk 12. Upon the hatches. Thence we look’d toward England, 13. And cited up a thousand heavy times, 14. During the wars of York and Lancaster, 15.

  5. Thomas, Duke of Clarence [mute role] is King Henry’s brother, the same character as in Henry IV, Part Two. He is a member of the King’s council and follows his brother to the wars. He assists in the treaty negotiations with the French. Keep me logged in Login Register for an account I forgot my username I forgot my password CLOSE

  6. Duke of Clarence: George, Duke of Clarence is the younger brother of Edward and the elder brother of Richard in Henry VI, Part 3 and Richard III. He is often known as "perjured Clarence", having broken his oath to Warwick and fighting instead for his brother's faction. He is eventually drowned in a butt of malmesy wine.

  7. The noble Duke of Clarence to your hands: I will not reason what is meant hereby, Because I will be guiltless of the meaning. Here are the keys, there sits the duke asleep: I'll to the king;...

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