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    Dumaguete atau lebih dikenali sebagai Bandar Dumaguete merupakan sebuah bandar di wilayah Negros Timur, Filipina. Bandar ini mempunyai jumlah penduduk seramai 131,377 dalam isi rumah 29,262. Ia mempunyai luas 33.62 kilometer persegi dan ketinggian 183 meter di atas permukaan laut. Ia diberikan dengan kod kawasan telefon +63 (0)35 dan poskod 6200.

    • 89,193 (9 Mei 2019)
    • Filipina
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    Dumaguete City adalah sebuah kota di Filipina, yaitu di provinsi Negros Oriental. Kota ini adalah ibu kota, kota pelabuhan, dan kota terbesar di Negros Oriental. Menurut sensus 2000, jumlah penduduk kota ini adalah 102.265 orang, dengan kepadatan penduduk sebesar 3.041,8 jiwa/km&sup2. Orang yang berasal dari kota ini disebut "Dumagueteño".

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    Dumaguete, officially the City of Dumaguete, is a 3rd class component city and capital of the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 131,377 people. It is the capital and most populous city of the province of Negros Oriental. Dumaguete is referred to as a university city because of the presence of four universities and a number of other colleges where students of the province converge to enroll for tertiary education. The city is also a pop

    "Dumaguete" was coined from the Cebuano word dagit, which means "to snatch". The word dumaguet, meaning "to swoop", was coined because of frequent raids by Moro pirates on this coastal community and its power to attract and keep visitors, both local and foreign. In 1572, Diego López Povedano indicated the place as Dananguet, but cartographer Pedro Murillo Velarde in 1734 already used present name of Dumaguete for the settlement.

    The island of Negros was divided into the provinces of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental by a royal decree executed by Governor General Valeriano Weyler on January 1, 1890. Dumaguete was made the first and only capital of the new Negros Oriental Province.

    During 1898, months after the arrival of Emilio Aguinaldo from exile, the Negros Revolution suddenly broke-out. Negros Occidental Province, which was still ruled by the Spanish authorities, eventually surrendered to the Negrense Revolutionary Forces after a battle on November 6.

    Imperial Japanese forces landed at Dumaguete on 26 May 1942, after the fall of the Philippines, and all of Negros Oriental Province surrendered shortly thereafter. Resistance against the Japanese occupation continued by guerilla groups in the inner mountains, where many native re

    Dumaguete has a land area of 3,362 hectares, situated on the plains of the southeastern coast of the large island of Negros, near the mouth of the Banica River. Of the province's 19 municipalities/towns and 6 cities, Dumaguete is the smallest in terms of land area. It is bounded on the north by the town of Sibulan, on the south by the town of Bacong and on the west by the town of Valencia. As a coastal city, it is bounded on the east by the Bohol Sea and the Tañon Strait, serving as a ...

    Dumaguete has earned the distinction of being known as the "center of learning in the South," or a university city due to the presence of universities that have made their mark nationally and abroad. The city is a melting pot of students, professionals, artists, scholars and the literati coming from different parts of the country and the world. Silliman University is the dominant institution of higher learning in Dumaguete, providing the city with a distinct university town atmosphere. It is the

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    Tempat keuskupan adalah Katedral St. Catherine dari Alexandria yang terletak di tengah-tengah bandar Dumaguete dari Negros Oriental. Sejak penubuhannya, ada 4 uskup yang memerintah keuskupan. Uskup yang sekarang ialah Pendeta Julito Buhisan Cortes, DD, S.Th.D., orang asli keuskupan yang menjadi uskupnya.

    • (setakat 2017), 1,192,000, 1,157,583 (91.0%)
    • Filipina
    • 4,955 km² (1,913 bt²)
    • Cebu
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    Keuskupan Dumaguete (Lat: Diœcesis Dumaguetensis) adalah sebuah keuskupan Ritus Latin dari Gereja Katolik Roma di Filipina.. Sejarah. Pada 5 April 1955, Paus Pius XII membentuk Keuskupan Dumaguete dan menangkat Epifanio B. Surban sebagai uskup pertamanya.

    • 10°03′N 123°07′E
    • Filipina
    • 4955 km² (1913 sq mi)
    • Cebu
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    Say Dumaguete et kumatlo ya klase a siyudad ed luyag na Negros Oriental, Filipinas.Unong ed 1 Mayo 2020 census, say populasyon to et 134,103 totoo tan 29,262 abong. Walay kabaleg tan sukat to ya 33.62 sq. km. Say zip code to et 6200.

    • 30
    • 33.62 km² (12.98 sq mi)
    • 183 m (600 ft)
  7. Dumaguete - Wikipedia › wiki › Dumaguete

    Ing Lakanbalen ning Dumaguete metung yang klasing lakanbalen king lalawigan ning Negros Oriental, Filipinas. Agpang keng 1 Mayu 2020 ning sensus, atin yang populasyun a 134,103 a katau kareng 29,262 a pamimalemale.

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    Mga Unibersidad

    Upat ka Unibersidad ug ubay-ubay nga mga eskwelahan ug mga kolehiyo ang makit-an sa Dumaguete. Ang pinaka-ilado mao ang Silliman University, ang pinaka-unang Protestante nga unibersidad sa Pilipinasug ang pinaka-unang eskwelahan nga gitukod sa mga Amerikano dinhi sa Asya. Ang maong unibersidad nahimutang sa usa ka 62 ka ektarya nga campus nga nahitunga mismo sa dakbayan. Sa silangan sa maong unibersidad makit-an ang Rizal Boulevard. Sumala sa Commission on Higher Education (CHED), kung e rank...

    Mga Kolehiyo

    Gawas sa mga unibersidad nga nasulti, mao ang ubay-ubay ka mga kolehiyo ug eskwelahan nga makitan usab sa Dumaguete. Kining maong mga eskwelahan mao ang: 1. ACLC 2. AMA Computer College 3. Asian College of Science and Technology (ACSAT) 4. Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria (COSCA) 5. Institute of Ogabang 6. Maxino College 7. Metro Dumaguete College 8. Negros Maritime College Foundation Inc. (NMCFI) 9. Presbyterian Theological College 10. Polytechnic and Medical College 11. STI College

    Mga Pribadong High School ug Elementarya

    1. ABC Learning Center 2. Catherina Cittadini (St. Louis) School 3. Chunghua High School 4. Holy Cross High School 5. Lifegiver Christian Academy 6. Little Village Foundation, Inc. 7. Living Word Christian School 8. Negros Oriental Montessori International School 9. Royal Oaks International School 10. SouthDale Integrated School 11. St. Louis School-Don Bosco

    Mga AM istasyon

    1. DYKG-AM738 kHz (Delta Broadcasting System) 2. DYWC-AM801 kHz (Radio Mindanao Network) 3. DYER-FM88.7 kHz (Audiovisual Communicators, Inc.) 4. DYDG-AM927 kHz (Relay DZMM) 5. DYIL-AM1098 kHz (Audiovisual Communicators, Inc.) 6. DYRM1134 kHz (Radio Corporation of the Philippines) 7. DY__Radio GMA (Soon) 8. DYDI-AM1440 khz (Raven Broadcasting Corporation. at Haverst Media Production) - University Town Archived 2008-10-07 at the Wayback Machine Archived 2007-09-28 at the Wayback Machine
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    Dumaguete, officially the City of Dumaguete (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Dumaguete), is a 3rd class component city and capital of the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 131,377 people.

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    Dumaguete. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Dumaguete é um município de Terceira classe de renda da cidade (d) na província Negros Oriental, nas Filipinas. De acordo com o censo de 1 de agosto de 2015 possui uma população de 131 377 pessoas e 29 262 domicílios. Dumaguete é referido como uma cidade universitária, por causa da ...

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