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  1. A listing of all known current Cinema, DVDs, TV shows, and streaming videos which have an audio description track for people with vision impairment. A compilation of the Audio Description Project.

  2. Open Forum: Telling people to shut up will do nothing to ...

    But after platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube put their feet down, to various extents, over misinformation surrounding voter fraud during the 2020 election, some right-leaning users ...

  3. Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple - Truthdig

    Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness.

  4. What did the Ethiopian regime do to deserve such humiliation?

    Like airheads, they act dumb and dumber talking about growth and development knowing the regime and its stooges they cheer are common thieves that need to go jail. Honestly, they should turn in their diploma and start fresh for being an embracement to their profession, families and whoever they represent.

  5. BRADLEY COOPER MULTI-TASKING WHEN TIME PERMITS Only during a pandemic could one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood walk down the street in New York, attempting to eat Chinese food while carrying his little girl, and NOT be noticed by passers-by.

  6. Merits - City of Hope MUSH

    Instead, a Redcap with Faster can actually go 24 hours without eating. System: My spending a Willpower point, the player can then have the character go another 24 hours, and so on until he runs out of Willpower. The down side to being a Faster, unfortunately, is that once the fast ends, the Redcap is compelled to eat enough to make up for all ...

  7. TRUMP LAND - Blogger

    After years of scratching out a meager living on the rocky slopes of a mountain in his native country. Juan has packed his sh*t and headed toward the northern promised land of Donald Trump. The indigenous ’Montezuma Beetle’ was the final straw.

  8. Dennis and Callahan - Wikipedia

    Dennis and Callahan was an American morning radio show on WEEI-FM, a sports radio station in Boston, Massachusetts.On November 16, 2010, a live three-hour simulcast began airing on NESN at 6–10 AM Eastern time each weekday.

  9. “CDC Estimated a One-Year Decline in Life Expectancy in 2020 ...

    There is a limit to how much the CDC can be expected to dumb it down for the innumerate and still be valuable to its intended audience. Armchair Lawyer February.26.2021 at 8:50 pm

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