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      • Dumuzid was associated with fertility and vegetation and the hot, dry summers of Mesopotamia were believed to be caused by Dumuzid's yearly death. During the month in midsummer bearing his name, people all across Mesopotamia would engage in public, ritual mourning for him.
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  2. Dumuzid, the fisherman, whose city was Kuara, ruled for 100 years. He (Dumuzid) was taken captive by the (single hand of Enmebaragesi). According to scholars, the sequence of the first Uruk dynasty was fabricated during the Ur III period, which didn't include comments about some rulers. The fabrication of king Dumuzid could have been derived ...

    • c. 2900-2700 BC (legendary)
    • Gilgamesh
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    Dumuzid ( Sumerian: 𒌉𒍣𒉺𒇻, romanized: Dumuzid sipad) or Dumuzi, later known by the alternative form Tammuz, is an ancient Mesopotamian god associated with shepherds, who was also the primary consort of the goddess Inanna (later known as Ishtar). In Sumerian mythology, Dumuzid's sister was Geshtinanna, the goddess of agriculture ...

    • Heaven (for half the year) Kur (for the other half)
    • Sirtur and an unknown father
    • Inanna (later known as Ishtar)
    • Geshtinanna (sister), Amashilama (not usually, but in some texts said to be his sister)
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    " I swear on the name of Dumuzid, the Shepherd, consort of Ishtar! Your ass is mine, punk! Prepare yourself! „ ~ Thomas Mutton

    Past Not much of Thomas Mutton's past is known. He apparently had a drinking problem throughout his twenties and thirties, which often got him into uncomfortable situations. As a demigod, making him immortal, he refers to himself as the Morning Star which is a reference to Lucifer and may suggest that ancient peoples saw him as such. Afterwards, Thomas got married, but cheated on her with a younger woman while she was on vacation. His wife reacted violently and they were divorced. At some point,...

    Dumuzid possesses many supernatural powers, the most notable being his ability to trap men within the Great Trials. He is immortal, possibly being as old as seven hundredyears old, and can disappear and reappear at will. In the Nightmares, Dumuzid first appears in a gigantic incarnation of his human form, sitting in a large, crane mounted armchair and holding a revolver and a gavel. He can blast the tower with his revolver, destroying blocks, hit the tower with powerful boot-stomps, and transfor...

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    There he is caught a last time, hiding in the pasture, and killed.Inanna and Bilulu: This describes how Inanna avenges her lover Dumuzid's death, by killing Old Woman Bilulu.Deity Later poems and hymns of praise to Dumuzid indicate that he was later considered a deity, a precursor of the Babylonian god Tammuz.

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