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  1. As the body's systems weaken in the months before death, people tend to become less active and begin to look inward. They start to withdraw from the world around them and often use this stepping ...

  2. dying [ di´ing] the last stage of life; a process that from a medical point of view begins when a person has a disorder that is untreatable and inevitably ends in death, or the final stages of a fatal disease. Dying is a process, whereas death is an event.

  3. dying meaning: 1. very ill and likely to die soon: 2. A dying tradition or industry is becoming much less common…. Learn more.

  4. dying adjective uk / ˈdaɪ.ɪŋ / us / ˈdaɪ.ɪŋ / very ill and likely to die soon: She nursed her dying husband for months. A dying tradition or industry is becoming much less common or important. happening at the time someone dies, or connected with that time: Beethoven's dying words are said to have been "I shall hear in heaven ."

  5. The dying person will feel weak and sleep a lot. When death is very near, you might notice some physical changes such as changes in breathing, loss of bladder and bowel control and unconsciousness. It can be emotionally very difficult to watch someone go through these physical changes. But they are part of a natural dying process.

  6. › app › 239140Dying Light on Steam

    Dying Light First-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. Roam a city devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected. Recent Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (4,746) All Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (261,949) *

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