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  1. The obverse text on the Morgan Dollar reads “Liberty; E Pluribus Unum; 1921.” The reverse text on the Liberty dollar reads “United States of America; In God We Trust; One Dollar; D.” The obverse of the silver one dollar coin has a bust of a female facing the left wearing a cap and small crown, with flowers tucked in her hair and stars ...

  2. Value of 1922 Peace Silver Dollar. 1922 Peace dollars were minted in phenomenal quantities beginning, more than 51 million at the Philadelphia Mint alone were struck. The coins began to pile up in Mint and Treasury vaults.

  3. The Pittman Act played a key role in the minting of the silver peace dollar by the U.S. Mint. Following passage of the act, the U.S. Mint was required to strike millions of silver dollar coins. The mint chose the Morgan Dollar design, and began striking silver dollars using the design in 1921.

  4. The Morgan Dollar gets its name from its designer, George T. Morgan. This beautiful silver coin features the profile portrait of Lady Liberty on its obverse with amazing detail. The obverse also features the phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM and the coins mint year. Also featured are 13 stars along the coins outer rim.

  5. While the Mint reprised the Morgan dollar design in 1921, 17 years after Morgan dollars were previously struck in 1904, there were many people lobbying for a new silver dollar design. Supporters of the Peace dollar lobbied members of congress to change the design, but they eventually realized they didn’t need congressional approval to change ...

  6. 1921 and 2021 BU Morgan Silver Dollar 100th Anniversary 2-Coin Set Celebrate old and new with this 100th Anniversary set of Morgan silver dollars. The 2-coin set is beautifully presented in a velvet box that is perfect for gift-giving as well as storage.

  7. Dec 10, 2021 · Starting in 1921, silver dollars in the United States changed their design: from the Morgan Dollar to the Peace Dollar. Its image was kept until 1935 , being the last silver dollar designed for circulation, since to this day they are still manufactured in copper, zinc, manganese and nickel.

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