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    E.J. Pennington is probably best known today for his pioneering motorcycles. He is sometimes credited with having invented the word " motorcycle "; he used the term as early as 1893. Pennington built and demonstrated his original motorcycle design in Milwaukee in 1895.

  2. In 1895, Pennington showed up in Racine, Wisconsin, where he talked his way into a partnership with Thomas Kane, a local manufacturer of furniture and stationary engines for dairy operations. The new company was called the Racine Motor Vehicle Company and the car itself known as the Kane-Pennington.

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    In 1894, E.J. Pennington joined with Thomas Kane in Racine, WI to build Kane-Pennington engines and motorcycles In the first edition of the Horseless Age Magazine of Nov. 1, 1895, the article concerning the Chicago Herald-Tribune Race listed eighty entrants, The Kane Pennington automobile was on the list.

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    He showcased his motorcycle prototypes at various exhibitions in places such as Chicago and New York around 1895 to garner interest for investment opportunities in more dud companies. It was Pennington’s testing and showcasing of the prototypes around that time in Milwaukee that had caught the eye of William Harley and Arthur Davidson, who would later on found the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company.

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    Although the word “motorcycle” originally appeared as a company designation, Pennington also promoted the term to encompass cycles with motors. E.J. Pennington showcased his motorcycle prototypes at various exhibitions in Chicago and New York around 1895. These showcases garnered interest for investment opportunities.

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    In 1895, E. J. Pennington drove one of the world’s first motorcycles down the streets of Milwaukee. Even though it didn’t run very well, it was enough to spark ideas in the heads of the two friends. As young adults in their twenties, Bill and Arthur began to make their dreams into reality.

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    Jan 17, 2020 · In 1895, he built a working motorcycle that was then patented in 1896 as a “Motor Vehicle” with several features that we still see today. Spark plug ignition (he is credited with inventing) and...

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    Yep, it was an article in the November 7, 1895 issue of American Machinist that provided the initial spark — in some ways, quite literally, since the engine gave Ford an idea for a spark-breaker ...

  9. Jan 17, 2018 · The agreement was entered into February 28, 1895, while Mr. Pennington was in Chicago, with Thomas Kane & Co. of Chicago, one of the largest manufacturers of boats in the United States, to manufacture and use for propelling boats Mr. Pennington's hot air engines, which are used on the motor cycle.

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    The Tractobile was built by E.J. Pennington's company of Carlisle between 1900–1902. While a car with that name could be ordered it was more an engine and wheels on a removable frame that could be attached to a carriage instead of horses. Very few were built. Trinity: US: 1900

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