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  1. England was then almost free of raids for the next 40 years. During this time, the Vikings started establishing bases in France, where the successors of Charlemagne had indulged in a series of civil wars, weakening the country and leaving it vulnerable to the Scandinavian predators.

  2. Building on seminal work by Ivy Pinchbeck and Alice Clark, research by Bridget Hill, Judith Bennett, Margot Finn and others has shown that women were integral parts of the family economy in medieval, early modern and eighteenth-century England, whether that was through employment or engagement in the family business.38 The blurred topographical ...

  3. There is an education which seems perpetually to test the intellectual possibilities of man; an education which comes from the commingling of peoples and the comparison of things, quickening sympathy and promoting harmony in the whole human family; an education for the educated, for the intelligent and studious, who naturally derive the ...

  4. Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Journal of Literature and Art Studies Vol.6 Issue 10 October 2016. Journal of Literature and Art Studies JLAS. Alan Tarica ...

  5. Baptized 26 April. First purpose-built playhouse in Britain since Roman times constructed in north-east London—entitled The Red Lion. Married Anne Hathaway. Birth of daughter, Susanna. Birth of twins, Hamnet and Judith. Arrival in London. Possible associations with companies of Lord Strange’s Men and the Earl of Pembroke’s Men until 1594.

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