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  1. noun. a British nobleman of a rank below that of marquis and above that of viscount: called count for a time after the Norman conquest. The wife of an earl is a countess. (in Anglo-Saxon England) a governor of one of the great divisions of England, including East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, and Wessex.

  2. earl, title and rank of nobility in the British peerage corresponding to the French comte or German Graf ( count ). The title, while it confers no official power or authority, is inalienable, indivisible, and descends in regular succession to all the heirs under the limitation in the grant until, on their failure, it becomes extinct.

  3. earl noun [ C ] uk / ɜːl / us / ɝːl / (the title of) a British man of high social rank, between a marquis and a viscount: the Earl of Northumberland SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Royalty, aristocracy & titles accede to something accession anointed anti-monarchical anti-monarchist duke dukedom earldom emir emperor Messrs miss mister

  4. earl (ûrl) n. 1. A British nobleman next in rank above a viscount and below a marquis, corresponding to a count in continental Europe. 2. Used as a title for such a nobleman. [Middle English erl, nobleman of high rank, from Old English eorl .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

  5. The Earl, also known as the Count, is the third most powerful among the nobility ranks. The rank of the Earl was lower than that of the Duke or the Marquess, but he could exert power over the Viscounts and Barons. The wife of the Earl was known as the Countess, as a feminine form of the title never emerged.

  6. Earl is a popular North American given name meaning "warrior" or "nobleman" [1] (originally "earl" was cognate to the Germanic title of Jarl, meaning a warrior-king). The name was sometimes used among servants of actual nobiliary earls, and instances of its usage date back to 12th-century England. [2] Some of the holders of this name are:

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