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  1. William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (see here and here ), born 1506. He killed a man in a brawl in Bristol, escaped to France. Later returned to England. He mar 1stly to Anne Parr [born 1514, descendant of Edward III, sister of Catherine Parr]. He rose with the Parrs when Catherine married Henry VIII 1543.

  2. Sir Nevile built in 1907 for his dau Gwendolen, the "Pembroke Palace" doll's house. This was a loosely based miniature of Wilton House, containing miniature versions of family portraits (including a miniature portrait of Augustus Reebkomp ) and special miniature portraits of 14th Earl, Gwendolen and Sir Nevile.

  3. William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (1190 - April 6, 1231) was a medieval English nobleman, and the son of the famous William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke. William was born in Normandy probably during the winter of 1190/91.

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    Sometime in 1528, Lady Parr secured her 13 year-old daughter, Anne, a post at Court as maid-of-honour to Queen Katherine of Aragon. Anne was then made a ward of King Henry. When Anne Boleyn was crowned queen in 1533, Anne Parr continued in the same capacity as maid-of-honour. She quickly succumbed to the spell of Queen Anne’s charismatic personality and following the Queen’s example, she became an ardent supporter of the New Faith. After Anne Boleyn’s fall from power and subsequent execution, Anne remained at Court in the service of the new queen, Jane Seymour. She was one of the few present at the baptism of Prince Edward on 15 October 1537 and was part of the funeral cortege of Jane Seymour.Some sources state that Anne carried the train of the Lady Elizabeth at Prince Edward’s baptism, while others believe it was Lady Herbert ‘of Troye’, wife of her future husband’s paternal half-uncle, Sir William Herbert, son of the 1st Earl of Pembroke of the eighth creation. When King Henry to...

    In February 1538, Anne married Sir William Herbert (c.1501-17 March 1570), Esquire of the King’s Body. Herbert was the son of Sir Richard Herbert of Ewyas, the illegitimate son of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke [of the before mentioned]. It is without a doubt that Anne met her husband at court. It is not known whether or not the marriage was a love match or not, but it is interesting to note that both Anne and her sister Katherine had been attracted to dashing men of action who were slightly disreputable.The Herbert’s, due to King Henry’s newly found infatuation for Anne’s sister Katherine, appeared to be in the King’s favour; as for the next few years Anne and her husband received a succession of Royal grants which included the Abbey of Wilton in Wiltshire (pulled down and built over for Wilton House in the 1540s), Remesbury (north Wiltshire), and Cardiff Castle. They also used Baynard’s Castle as their London residence. Anne had three children by her husband: Henry, who suc...

    Anne was a witness to the wedding ceremony performed at Hampton Court Palace on 12 July 1543, when King Henry married her sister Katherine, the Dowager Lady Latimer. In June 1544, the Queen lent her sister her manor, Hanworth for the lying-in for her second child. It was there that Anne gave birth to another son, Edward (his elder brother was named Henry, was this a coincidence?). The Queen sent regular messengers to Hanworth to inquire on the health of her sister. For the christening, the queen provided a large delegation (five yeo-men, two grooms, and Henry Webbe) from her household to attend. Letters continued well into July between the two sisters while Anne remained at Hanworth. After the birth, Anne visited Lady Hertford, who had also just given birth, at Syon House near Richmond. In August 1544, the queen paid for a barge to bring Anne by river from Syon House (home to the Hertford’s) to Westminster. The queen’s involvement in the birth and christening of her nephew would eve...

    On 10 October 1551, Anne’s husband was raised to the peerage as Baron Herbert of Cardiff and Earl of Pembroke on 11 October 1551. He received the disgraced Duke of Somerset’s Wiltshire estates, including Ramsbury and a newly built mansion at Bedwin Broil, and much woodland on the borders of the New Forest in 1553. The relationship between the Herbert’s and Edward Seymour had been one of friendship until Seymour fell from favour.Herbert was also granted, one Sir Thomas Arundel’s attainder, Wardour Castle and park, and obtained some property belonging to the see of Winchester. The Wardour property subsequently reverted to the Arundel family by exchange and purchase, but Pembroke’s increase of wealth exceeded that of any of his colleagues. Anne died on 20 February 1552 at Baynard’s Castle in London.At the time of her death, Anne was one of Lady Mary Tudor’s [the future Queen Mary I] ladies. William married as his second wife Lady Anne Talbot, daughter of George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shre...

    Lord and Lady Pembroke had three children: 1. Henry Herbert, later 2nd Earl of Pembroke (c.1539-1601), who married three times: 1. On 25 May 1553, he married Lady Katherine Grey (1540-1568), granddaughter of Mary Tudor, Dowager Queen of France. On the same day, her sister Lady Jane married Lord Guildford Dudley. The two couples were married at Durham House in London. After the wedding, Katherine went to live with her husband at Baynard’s Castle on the Thames. When Lord Herbert’s sister-in-law, Jane, failed to ascend to the throne of England due to a lack of popular support, the Earl of Pembroke sought to distance himself from the Grey family. Pembroke separated his son from Katherine and sought the annulment of the marriage.With this smart move, Pembroke secured Queen Mary’s favour and the marriage was annulled in 1554. 2. His second wife was Lady Catherine Talbot (c.1552-1575) [a favorite of Queen Elizabeth], daughter of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury and Lady Gertrude Manne...

    William Herbert’s career started after a recommendation from King Francis I of France. He shortly became esquire of the body to King Henry VIII. Two years later he was granted arms. The year before Katherine Parr married the king, grants and advancement started for Herbert and his wife. The first grants dated March and April, 1542, include the site of the late monastery, the manor of Washerne adjoining also the manors of Chalke. These were given to “William Herbert, Esquire and Anne his wife for the term of their lives with certain reserved rents to King Henry VIII.“ When Edward VI re-granted the manors to the family, it was explicitly “to the aforenamed Earl, by the name of Sir William Herbert, knight, and the Lady Anne his wife and the heirs male of their bodies between them lawfully begotten.“ Anne had been the joint creator of this extraordinary enterprise. Lady Anne had brought legitimacy to the Herberts. Anne also gave the family grace and courage. A stained glass window in Wi...

    Mistress Anne Parr
    Lady Anne Herbert, Lady Herbert of Cardiff
    Lady Anne Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
  4. William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1507-1570) c.1565 Netherlandish School, oil on panel. William Herbert was an influential political and military figure during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I. Intensely proud of his Welsh ancestry, he owned land in south Wales and the west of England.

  5. Sep 28, 2012 · Cardiff still has a strong association with the Pembroke family, and both the 1st and 2nd Earl of Pembroke's portraits reside in the National Museum in Wales. In 1588, Pembroke was responsible for the defense of Wales as the Spanish Armada approached England (Wagner, 152) .

  6. Robert Henry Herbert, 12th Earl of Pembroke and 9th Earl of Montgomery (1791-1862) on engraving from 1838. British nobleman. Unidentified woman, possibly Anne Herbert, Countess of Pembroke, lady-in-waiting to all six wives of Henry VIII and sister to the last wife Catherine Parr.

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    related to: earl of pembroke family tree pictures
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