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  2. Jan 02, 2012 · Indeed, early recognition of septic shock and institution of antibiotic therapy can reduce mortality in children. 12,13 Furthermore, early institution of resuscitative measures, particularly by using aggressive fluid replacement strategies, may prevent the child from entering uncompensated or irreversible shock, thereby reducing morbidity and ...

    • Paolo Biban, Marcella Gaffuri, Stefania Spaggiari, Federico Zaglia, Alessandra Serra, Pierantonio Sa...
    • 15
    • 2012
  3. When organs begin to stop functioning, the body can enter a stage of sepsis called “septic shock,” and the threat of death is imminent. While sepsis is a serious condition at any age, it is particularly dangerous for children because their symptoms can be more difficult to detect.

  4. Early diagnosis and treatment of sepsis and septic shock in children results in improved outcomes. However, diagnosis is hampered by lack of specific diagnostic tests and relies on the recognition of the alterations of vital signs and protean systemic manifestations associated with infections, signs that mimic many critical illnesses.

    • Kristel W E Hilarius, Peter W Skippen, Niranjan Kissoon
    • 2
    • 2020
  5. Abstract. Early recognition of sepsis and septic shock in children relies on obtaining an attentive clinical history, accurate vital signs, and a physical examination focused on mental status, work of breathing, and circulatory status. Laboratory tests may support the diagnosis but are not reliable in isolation.

  6. What are the signs and symptoms of Septic and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)? Symptoms of sepsis may include fever, fast heartbeat, sweating and rapid breathing. As septic shock develops, a child may become confused or lack alertness. Despite a drop in blood pressure, the child's skin will be warm.

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