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  1. Schlumbergera gaertneri - Wikipedia › wiki › Schlumbergera_gaertneri

    Schlumbergera gaertneri, formerly Hatiora gaertneri, is a species of epiphytic cactus which belongs to the tribe Rhipsalideae within the subfamily Cactoideae of the Cactaceae. Together with the hybrid with S. rosea, Schlumbergera × graeseri, it is known as Easter cactus or Whitsun cactus and is a widely cultivated ornamental plant.

  2. Schlumbergera - Wikipedia › wiki › Schlumbergera

    Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six to nine species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. These plants grow on trees or rocks in habitats that are generally shady with high humidity, and can be quite different in appearance from their desert -dwelling cousins.

  3. Echinopsis - Wikipedia › wiki › Echinopsis

    Not to be confused with Echinops or Echidnopsis. Echinopsis is a large genus of cacti native to South America, sometimes known as hedgehog cactus, sea-urchin cactus or Easter lily cactus. One small species, E. chamaecereus, is known as the peanut cactus. The 128 species range from large and treelike types to small globose cacti.

  4. Hatiora - Wikipedia › wiki › Rhipsalidopsis

    Hatiora is a small genus of epiphytic cacti which belongs to the tribe Rhipsalideae within the subfamily Cactoideae of the Cactaceae.

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  6. Echinopsis chiloensis - Wikipedia › wiki › Echinopsis_chiloensis

    Echinopsis chiloensis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Echinopsis chiloensis is a species of cactus native to South America; genus members are known as hedgehog cacti, sea-urchin cactus or Easter lily cactus.

  7. Echinopsis subdenudata - Wikipedia › wiki › Echinopsis_subdenudata

    Echinopsis subdenudata (commonly called domino cactus, night blooming hedgehog, Easter lily cactus) is a species of cactus. It has a globular shape, few spines, with large, white flowers attached to long, green tubes. It occurs in Bolivia, at altitudes of 600–1800 metres.

  8. How to Make an Easter Cactus Bloom (with Pictures) - wikiHow › Make-an-Easter-Cactus-Bloom

    Mar 29, 2019 · The Easter cactus originates from the warm steaming jungles of Brazil. Unlike the desert cacti, this plant is epiphytic, meaning it grows in trees and not on the ground.The Easter cactus is not a very sensitive plant and can tolerate indoor conditions moderately well. A healthy plant is necessary for flowering to occur. 2

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  9. Easter lily - Wikipedia › wiki › Easter_lily

    Lilium longiflorum, a species of flowering plant in the lily family, commonly called Easter lily Zantedeschia aethiopica , cala lily, a flowering plant Echinopsis chiloensis , Easter lily cactus

  10. Plantes Rares - Home | Facebook › plantesraresbelgique

    Easter cactus. (image by Schlumbergera gaertneri source wikipedia: author Andrey Korzun license cc) Pretty plant carrying beautiful pink, red, orange, lavender or white flowers at the end of its flattened stems. It's one of the few Easter plants that makes a good long-term indoor plant, can come back and bloom year by year.

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