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    Streaming liturgies from Byzantine (Ruthenian Greek) Catholic, Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic, Maronite Catholic, Melkite Greek Catholic, Romanian Greek Catholic, Russian Greek Catholic, Syro-Malabar Catholic, Syro-Malankara Catholic, and Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches in the United States and Canada.

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    The Catholic Church in the United States is composed of ecclesiastical communities in full communion with the Holy See.. With 23% of the United States population as of 2018, the Catholic Church is the country's second largest religious grouping, after Protestantism, and the country's largest church or religious denomination.

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    The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) is an Eastern Orthodox Christian church based in North America. The OCA is partly recognized as autocephalous and consists of more than 700 parishes, missions, communities, monasteries and institutions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In 2011, it had an estimated 84,900 members in the United States.

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    Feb 19, 2020 · Vatican City, Feb 19, 2020 / 12:01 pm (CNA).- In the United States, Eastern Catholics face many of the same challenges as Latin rite Catholics, but the Eastern Catholic Churches are particularly ...

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    The Eastern-Rite Catholics organized under the Congregation for the Eastern Catholic Churches (within the Roman curia). The Dictionary of Christianity in America (1990) on page 374, states, “In the U.S. there are Armenians, Chaldeans, Italo-Greeks, Maronites, Melkites, Romanians, Syrians, Russian and Ruthenian or Ukrainian Catholics.

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    Issue 5, Part 287 of Publication (United States Catholic Conference. Office of Publishing and Promotion Services) Volume 5, Issue 287 of Western Life Series: Author: Catholic Church. National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Committee on the Relationship between Eastern and Latin Catholic Churches: Publisher: USCCB Publishing, 1999: ISBN ...

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    Byzantine Rite (also Greek Catholic) Churches

    1. Albanian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy) 2. Greek Catholic Church 3. Belarusan Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy) 4. Bulgarian Catholic Church 5. Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic Church 6. Byzantine Catholics of Former Yugoslavia 7. Georgian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy) 8. Hungarian Catholic Church 9. Italo-Albanian Catholic Church 10. MelkiteGreek Catholic Church 11. Romanian Catholic Church 12. Russian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy) 13. Slovak Catholic Church 14....

    Non-Byzantine Eastern Rite Catholic Churches

    1. Armenian Catholic Church 2. Chaldean Catholic Church 3. Coptic Catholic Church (official Web site) 4. Ethiopian Catholic Church 5. Maronite Catholic Church 6. Syrian Catholic Church 7. Syro-Malabar Church 8. Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

    Second Council of Lyons

    1. See Councils of Lyons

    Council of Ferrara-Florence

    1. Main article: Council of Florence

    Union of Brest

    1. See Union of Brest

    The following Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have "counterparts" in the OrthodoxCommunion. The counterpart is listed in parenthesis. 1. Albanian Catholic Church (Church of Albania) 2. Bulgarian Catholic Church (Church of Bulgaria) 3. Greek Catholic Church (Church of Constantinople/Church of Greece) 4. Georgian Catholic Church (Church of Georgia) 5. Melkite Catholic Church (Church of Antioch) 6. Romanian Catholic Church (Church of Romania) 7. Russian Catholic Church (Church of Russia) 8. Ukrainian Catholic Church (Church of Ukraine) The following Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have "counterparts" in the Oriental OrthodoxChurches. The counterpart is listed in parenthesis. 1. Armenian Catholic Church (Church of Armenia) 2. Chaldean Catholic Church (Assyrian Church of the East) 3. Coptic Catholic Church (Coptic Orthodox Church) 4. Ethiopian Catholic Church (Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church) 5. Syrian Catholic Church (Syriac Orthodox Church) 6. Syro-Malankara Catholic Church (Malankara...

    American Eastern Catholicsby Fred J. Saato (ISBN 0-8091-4378-X)
    The Byzantine Rite: A Short Historyby Robert Taft SJ (ISBN 0814621635)
    Eastern Catholics in the United States of America by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops(ISBN 1574552872)
    The Eastern Catholic Churches: An Introduction to Their Worship and Spiritualityby Joan L. Roccasalvo (ISBN 0814620477)
  9. The Other Catholics: A Short Guide to the Eastern Catholic ...

    Jul 01, 2005 · After the Latin Rite, it is the most widely used rite in the world. At the Council of Chalcedon, the dioceses of Thrace, Pontus, and Asia were absorbed in order to legitimize Constantinople as the see of St. Andrew, the brother of Peter. Currently, there are 16 Eastern Orthodox Churches and 15 Catholic Churches that use the Byzantine Rite. 10.

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    The Eastern Catholic Church is sacramental in its worship, which resembles the other Eastern Orthodox Churches (Antiochian, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc.). The centre of its liturgical life is the Quiddisha Qurbana or the Holy and Divine Liturgy.

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    Jan 21, 2019 · The 23 Eastern Catholic Churches are fully Catholic and recognize the Pope in Rome as the Vicar of Christ, just as you and I do as Latin Catholics. When it comes to the Orthodox Churches, we as Catholics (of any rite) are not encouraged to receive Holy Communion at the Orthodox Churches because we are not in full union with them.