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  2. Eastern Orthodox Christian Icons in Byzantine, Russian and ...

    The tradition of Eastern Orthodox Icon is known world wide. Eastern Icons are famous for their distinctive style of painting and its influence on Eastern's cultural development. Our store introduces the visitors to many of unique masterpieces in icon-painting art.

  3. 40 Eastern Orthodox icons ideas | orthodox icons, eastern ...

    Eastern Orthodox icon of the Holy /family in a hand carved oak frame, made in Italy. Gorgeous piece, measures 5 x 7 and the frame is an inch thick. Lovely if you are into the eastern mysticism of the church.

  4. Eastern Orthodox Christians and Iconography | Antiochian ...

    There are other components of the Eastern Orthodox culture that contribute to the use of the icon. It has been this author’s personal observation that the Orthodox culture values family. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins and so on worship together, live together and often even work together.

  5. Eastern Orthodox Icons "Iconography refers to the making and liturgical use of Orthodox Icons, pictorial representations of Biblical scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, historical events in the life of the Church, and portraits of the saints.

  6. eastern orthodox icons | Orthodox Church

    If the Byzantine Orthodox were really pacifist and said so either the Catholics or Arabs would simply walk in and take over the Eastern part of the Empire unopposed. The Orthodox doctrine on this is an insult to the intelligence of their own church goers. 130) The persecution. imprisonment, murder, torture and banishment of real Christians.

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  7. Orthodox Icons, Religious Keepsakes, Jewelry and More The history of Holy Icons is directly connected with the history of the Holy Orthodox Faith In the 4th century the Byzantine Empire adopted Christianity. Emperor Constantine became the first Christian Emperor, influenced by his mother, St. Helen.

  8. Russian Icons The tradition of painting icons started in Russia following the conversion of the Kievan Rus' to Orthodox Christianity in 988 AD. In Russian Orthodox Church there is a tradition of believe in the intercession of saints.

  9. ICONS ARE IDOLS | Eastern Orthodoxy

    Icons are transparently missing from archaeology digs. I mean you can say the same thing of icons as they do with the Liturgy of St Mark. "This icon from the 4th century is a copy of one St Mark personally owned". Icons - idols in the Greek Orthodox church are renamed (with typical Greek sophistry) "icons".

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