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    The Eastern Province (Arabic: المنطقة الشرقية ‎ al-Mintaqah ash-Sharqīyah), also known as the Eastern Region, and officially the Emirate of the Eastern Province, is the easternmost of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest province by area and the third most populous after the Riyadh Province and the Makkah Province.

    • Dammam

      Dammam (Arabic: الدمّام ‎ ad-Dammām) is the sixth-most...

    • Geography

      Approximately two-thirds of the province is desert,...

    • History

      The Eastern Province was home to the Dilmun civilization for...

    • Demographics

      According to the Population Characteristics Surveys...

    • Economy

      The economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely...

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    Eastern Arabia was historically known as Al-Bahrain until the 18th century. This region stretched from the south of Basra along the Persian Gulf coast and included the regions of Bahrain, Kuwait, al-Hasa, Qatif, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Southern Iraq, Ahwaz and Northern Oman. The entire coastal strip of Eastern Arabia was known as "Bahrain" for ten centuries. Until very recently, the whole of Eastern Arabia, from southern Iraq to the mountains of Oman, was a place where people moved around,

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    The Eastren Province is the lairgest province o Saudi Arabie, locatit in the east o the kintra on the Persian Gulf coast, an haes land borders wi Kuwait, Qatar, the Unitit Arab Emirates, Oman, an Yemen. It haes an aurie o 710,000 km² an a population o 3,360,157. Its caipital is Dammam, an its govrenor is Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.

    • 710,000 km² (270,000 sq mi)
    • Dammam
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    History. After the unification of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom was divided into six administrative-territorial entities: the ' Asir Province, Al Hasa' Province, the Hejaz Province, the Najd Province, the Rub' al-Khali Province and the Shammar Province. King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued Royal Order A/92 on March 2, 1992, known as the Regions' System, which provided for the division of the kingdom into 13 emirates.

    Historic Province
    Al Hasa'
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    Nevertheless, the "Eastern Province" is the name commonly used in English, both by the Saudi government (e.g. school textbooks) and others. For example, in google, there are 2,460,000 hits for (Eastern+Province+Saudi+Arabia), and only 9,410 hits for (Ash+Sharqiyah+Saudi+Arabia).

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    Eastern province of Saudi Arabia It is located in the eastern region, it is a hot humid region along the Persian Gulf . It has the extreme weather which means in summer months it is hot and dry and has a high rate of humidity temperature day and night.

  9. Qatif - Wikipedia › wiki › Qatif

    Qatif or Al-Qatif is a governorate and urban area located in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. It extends from Ras Tanura and Jubail in the north to Dammam in the south, and from the Persian Gulf in the east to King Fahd International Airport in the west. This region has its own municipality and includes the Qatif downtown and many other smaller cities and towns. Qatif is one of the oldest settlements in Eastern Arabia, its history going back to 3500 BC. Before the discovery of oil, Qatifi people

  10. Riyadh Province - Wikipedia › wiki › Riyadh_Province

    The Riyadh Region ( Arabic: منطقة الرياض ‎ Manṭiqat ar-Riyāḍ ), also known as the Riyadh Province, and officially the Emirate of Riyadh Province, is a region of Saudi Arabia, located in the geographic center of the country. It has an area of 404,240 km² and with a 2017 population of 8,216,284, it is the second-largest region by both area and population, behind the Eastern Province and Mecca Region respectively.

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