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  1. Sep 15, 2023 · Floating Fish Learn about solubility and density with this fun experiment. On the bottom of a glass plate, draw the outline of a fish with a dry-erase marker. After a couple of minutes, slowly pour tap water into the corner of the dish until it covers the plate. The water will move towards the fish drawing, surrounding it.

    • Insect Hotels. Teaches Kids About: Zoology. Difficulty Level: Medium. Messiness Level: Medium. Insect hotels can be as simple (just a few sticks wrapped in a bundle) or as elaborate as you'd like, and they're a great way for kids to get creative making the hotel and then get rewarded by seeing who has moved into the home they built.
    • DIY Lava Lamp. Teaches Kids About: Chemical reactions. Difficulty Level: Easy. Messiness Level: Medium. In this quick and fun science experiment, kids will mix water, oil, food coloring, and antacid tablets to create their own (temporary) lava lamp.
    • Magnetic Slime. Teaches Kids About: Magnets. Difficulty Level: Medium. Messiness Level: High (The slime is black and will slightly dye your fingers when you play with it, but it washes off easily.)
    • Baking Soda Volcanoes. Teaches Kids About: Chemical reactions, earth science. Difficulty Level: Easy-medium. Messiness Level: High. Baking soda volcanoes are one of the classic science projects for kids, and they're also one of the most popular.
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    • More Easy Science Experiments For Kids

    1. Make rock candy

    Learn about the crystallization process by learning how to make rock candy in a glass.

    2. Make a lava lamp

    Make a lava lampby pouring vegetable oil into water and then adding an Alka-Seltzer tablet to make the blob of oil move.

    3. Make homemade slime

    Borax plus glue equals homemade slime.

    11. Marshmallow catapult

    Build a marshmallow catapultout of a plastic spoon, rubber bands, and Popsicle sticks.

    12. Make a parachute for toys

    Use a plastic bag and cup to build a parachute for a light toy.

    13. Dye flowers with food coloring

    Place white flowers in colored water and watch how they soak up the hues. RELATED: 50 Magna-Tiles Games and Building Ideas for Kids Fizzy lemons are an easy all-ages science experiment.

    28. Silly putty recipe

    You will be squeaky clean after creating this satisfying non-sticky puttyby simply combining cornstarch and dish soap.

    29. Easy Oobleck recipe

    Whip up some Oobleck, a fascinating non-Newtonian fluid that can act like a solid or a liquid depending on certain conditions.

    30. Ivory soap in microwave

    Microwave Ivory soap (or any soap that floats) to create a bizarre puffy soufflé.

    31. Grow beans

    Grow a bean in a clear cupto watch the roots grow down and the stem grow up.

    32. Make a duck call/whistle from a straw

    Craft a duck callby cutting the ends of a straw into a point, then blow.

    33. Musical bottles

    Set up a row of bottles with varying amounts of liquid and then blow across the openings to hear the different tones.

    39. Baking soda volcano science project

    Mix baking soda, vinegar, and glitter for a sparkly volcano.

    40. Diet Coke and Mentos

    Mix Diet Coke and Mentosand stand back to watch the explosion. (Really! Stand back.)

    41. Pop Rocks and soda

    Drop Pop Rocks into a bottle of soda and then place a balloon onto the opening to watch it inflate.

    47. Milk and food coloring experiment

    Learn about surface tension by dropping food coloring into milkand watch as the colors move when you add some soap.

    48. Rube Goldberg machine for kids

    Make a Rube Goldbergmachine featuring a series of moving pieces that affect one another: marbles, dominoes, books, and most any surface.

    49. Balloon rocket car

    Build a rocket balloon carusing a Styrofoam tray, a balloon, and a straw; watch how air pressure moves it across the table.

    59. Egg drop project

    Build a container for an egg that protects it from breaking and then test it out by dropping it from on high.

    60. How to make a bouncy ball

    Fashion your own bouncy balls with this recipeto see how various shapes bounce differently.

    61. Balloon speakers

    Use a balloon to amplify sound by holding it to your ear.

  2. Jun 23, 2021 · Along the way, you and your child get a lot of time to learn about momentum, velocity, friction, energy transfer, and interference (e.g., the cat). 17. Melting. This is a simple and fun experiment that can be set up in a short time and then fill-up your day with observations and new experiments.

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  3. Aug 27, 2023 · From lava lamps to magic milk to eruptions and more, these simple science experiments and STEM activities will WOW the kids and keep them engaged. So pick a science activity and try one out with the kids today! Best Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

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