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  1. 21 hours ago · Foliage. Even when it does not have flowers, the cyclamen remains a very attractive plant, because it has striking heart- or arrow-shaped leaves that emerge from underground rhizomes. Its color can vary from dark green to a more silvery green, and It is normal for them to have marks of a different tone on the top.

  2. Jun 13, 2024 · Use a fertilizer with a good mix of N-P-K. This helps your tomato plants grow healthy and flavorful fruit. Potassium for Flavor Enhancement. More potassium can make your tomatoes taste better. Potassium helps with sugar and flavor development. Use a 10-10-20 or 5-10-20 mix to boost taste. Your tomato plants will produce sweeter fruits with ...

  3. 21 hours ago · Buy a cheap bottle of aspirin and grind it up before you add it to the water. This will aid in water absorption and will help the cutting to start roots. You can easily start plants from cuttings from roses, saliva, and geraniums. Just dip the cuttings into a rooting hormone, then put them into potting soil.

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