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    Stuttgart covers an area of 207.35 km 2 (80 sq mi) and sits at elevation ranging from 207 m (679 ft) above sea level by the Neckar river to 549 m (1,801 ft) on Bernhartshöhe hill – something rather unique in large German cities.

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    Duke Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albrecht Nikolaus Erich Maria Herzog von Württemberg (born 13 August 1994 in Ravensburg), his godparents are: Sophie, Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein, Prince Wilhelm of Wied (maternal uncle) and Hereditary Count Erich of Waldburg-Zeil and Trauchburg.

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    • Français : D'or, à trois demi ramures de cerf de sable.
    • Odejea, Image created for the Blazon Project of the French Wikipedia.
  4. History of Baden-Württemberg

    Württemberg, often spelled "Wirtemberg" or "Wurtemberg" in English, developed as a political entity in southwest Germany, with the core established around Stuttgart by Count Conrad (died 1110). His descendants expanded Württemberg while surviving Germany's religious wars , changes in imperial policy, and invasions from France.

  5. History of Baden-Württemberg - Infogalactic: the planetary ...ürttemberg

    In 1477, Count Eberhard founded the University of Tübingen and expelled the Jews. Eberhard V proved one of the most energetic rulers that Württemberg ever had, and, in 1495, his county became a duchy. Eberhard was now Duke Eberhard I, Duke of Württemberg.

  6. Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg ...

    Journal of Social History 34.2 (2000): 393-401. Massie, Suzanne, Pavlovsk: The Life of a Russian Palace, Hodder & Stoughton,1990, ISBN 0-340-48790-9. Ragsdale, Hugh, Tsar Paul and the Question of Madness: An Essay in History and Psychology, Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-26608-5. Troyat, Henri, Alexander of Russia, Dutton, ISBN 0-525-24144-2

  7. William I of Württemberg | Historipedia Official Wiki | Fandom

    Robert Uhland (ed.) 900 Jahre Haus Württemberg. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 1984, ISBN 3-17-008536-0. Eberhard Fritz: Die Verbesserung des Weinbaus in Württemberg unter König Wilhelm I. (1816–1864). Tübingen 1994, ISBN 3-87407-179-0. Eberhard Fritz: König Wilhelm und Königin Katharina von Württemberg. Studien zur höfischen Repräsentation ...

    • 27 September 1791(1791-09-27) Krakow, Poland
    • 25 June 1864 (aged 72) Rome, Italy
    • Württemberg Mausoleum
    • Désirée Clary
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    Stuttgart (Swabian: italics,; names in other languages) is the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. 9056 relations.

  9. Sigmaringen Castle | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Finally in 1399 Count Eberhard von Württemberg granted the castle and county of Sigmaringensein as well as the county of Veringen in Margraviate of Austria, to his uncle and liegeman Count Eberhard III. von Werdenberg (1387–1416) as a fief.

  10. Ο Έμπερχαρτ Γ΄ ο ήπιος, γερμ.Eberhard III der milde (1364 - 16 Μαΐου 1417) από τον Οίκο της Βυρτεμβέργης ήταν κόμης της Βυρτεμβέργης (1392-1417).

    • Eberhard III. von Württemberg (Γερμανικά)
    • αριστοκράτης