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  1. Henry, Count of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Wurttemberg

    Henry was the second son of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg-Stuttgart (1413–1480), from his second marriage to Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (1419–1451). As a second son, Henry was provided with a career in the clergy. In 1464, he became provost at Eichstätt.

    • Elisabeth of Zweibrücken-Bitsch (1485–87; her death), Eva of Salm (1488–?)
    • Eitel Henry, Maria, Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg, George I of Württemberg-Mömpelgard
    • 7 September 1448, Stuttgart
    • 15 April 1519 (aged 70), Hohenurach Castle, near Bad Urach
  2. County Palatine of Tübingen - Wikipediaübingen

    George III (†1570 in a fire at Waldenburg Castle during Carnival), Count of Lichteneck, ∞ Walpurg, Countess of Erbach. Eberhard (*1573, †14 September 1608), Count of Lichteneck, Councillor for the Duchy of Württemberg; starting in 1587, Obervogt of the Black Forest. George Eberhard († 9 September 1631), Count of Lichteneck

  3. Ulrich IV, Count of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Count_of...

    Ulrich IV of Württemberg (born after 1315–1366, Castle Hohenneuffen), Count of Württemberg. He reigned, together with his brother Eberhard II from 1344 until 1362. During his reign he stood in the shadow of his brother Eberhard II. Because of that he temporarily strove towards the division of the realm.

  4. Johann IV, count of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg - geni family tree

    Aug 10, 2016 · Son of Eberhard III, Graf von Werdenberg-Trochtelfingen and Anna von Zimmern Husband of Elisabeth von Württemberg Father of Agnes, Gräfin von Werdenberg-Heiligenberg; Georg III, count of Werdenberg-Sargans-Trochtelfingen and Elisabeth von Werdenberg Brother of Margarethe von Werdenberg-Sargans and Heinrich XII, count of Werdenberg-Trochtelfingen

  5. Eberhard II Graf von Württemberg

    Eberhard II, called “der Greiner” Count of Württemberg 1344 –1392.. Count Eberhard The Weeper of Württemberg. Ye !—ye, there, in the world without. Lift not your heads so grand ! Men hath it borne, and heroes stout. Alike for peace or battle-rout,— Our gallant Swabian land !. Boast of your Edward, Fred’ric, Charles, And Ludwig as ...

  6. Duchy of Württemberg - Wikipediaürttemberg

    The Duchy of Württemberg was formed when, at the Diet of Worms, 21 July 1495, Maximilian I, King of the Romans and Holy Roman Emperor, declared the Count of Württemberg (German: Graf von Württemberg), Eberhard V "the Bearded," Duke of Württemberg (German: Herzog von Württemberg). This would be the last elevation to Dukedom of the Medieval era.


    Eberhard III of Württemberg (called der Milde (the Clement) (1364 – 16 May 1417, Göppingen), ruled from 1392-1417 as theCount of Württemberg, then a part of the Holy Roman Empire. [1] He was a son of Count Ulrich of Württemberg and Elisabeth of Bavaria , and the grandson and successor of Eberhard II

  8. List of people from Stuttgart - Wikipedia

    Eberhard Louis (1676–1733), Duke of Württemberg Magdalena Wilhelmine of Württemberg ( 1677 –1742), Margravine of Baden Charles Alexander of Württemberg ( 1684 –1737), Duke of Württemberg

  9. Rudolph II, Count Palatine of Tübingen - Wikipedia,_Count_Palatine...

    Swabian noblemen, including Rudolph II and his brother William, Count Hartmann I of Württemberg and a Count of Dillingen, visited Henry VII in Worms on 8 January 1224. They met Margrave Herman V of Baden was also present, as was Eberhard, Sénéchal of Waldburg and councillor and former guardian of Henry VII in Oppenheim on 5 April 1227 and in ...

    • 1 November 1247
    • a daughter of Margrave Henry of Ronsberg

    Eberhard IV of Württemberg (23 August 1388, Stuttgart – 2 July 1419, Waiblingen) was the ruling Count of Württemberg from 1417 until his death. He was elder son of Count Eberhard III and Antonia Visconti .