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  1. Former German nobility in the Nazi Party - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Beginning in 1925, some members of higher levels of the German nobility joined the Nazi Party, registered by their title, date of birth, NSDAP Party registration number, and date of joining the Nazi Party, from the registration of their first prince (Ernst) into NSDAP in 1928, until the end of WWII in 1945.

  2. Duke Alexander of Württemberg (1804–1885) - Wikipedia

    Nov 18, 2020 · Duke Alexander Paul Ludwig Konstantin of Württemberg (9 September 1804, Saint Petersburg – 4 July 1885 Tüffer) was a Germanic nobleman who was the father of Francis, Duke of Teck, who married into the British royal family and was the father of Mary of Teck (Queen Mary) the wife of King George V of the United Kingdom and the mother of King Edward VIII and King George VI, father of Queen ...

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