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    Aug 09, 2020 · Eberhard was one of the most energetic rulers that Württemberg ever had, and in 1495 his county was raised to the rank of duchy. Dying in 1496, he was succeeded by his cousin, Duke Eberhard II., who, however, was deposed after a short reign of two years.

  2. Charles Eugene, Duke of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg: 4. Frederick Charles, Duke of Württemberg-Winnental: 9. Wild- and Rhinegravine Anna Katharina of Salm-Kyrburg: 2. Charles Alexander, Duke of Württemberg: 10. Albert II, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 5. Princess Eleonore Juliane of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 11. Countess Sophie Margarete of Oettingen-Oettingen: 1.

  3. Duke Alexander of Württemberg (1804–1885) - Wikipedia

    Duke Alexander Paul Ludwig Konstantin of Württemberg (9 September 1804, Saint Petersburg – 4 July 1885 Tüffer) was a Germanic nobleman who was the father of Francis, Duke of Teck, who married into the British royal family and was the father of Mary of Teck (Queen Mary) the wife of King George V of the United Kingdom and the mother of King Edward VIII and King George VI, father of Queen ...

  4. List of longest-reigning monarchs - Infogalactic: the ...

    ↑ Ulrich V was Count of all Württemberg until its partition between Württemberg-Urach and Württemberg-Stuttgart in 1442. He continued as Count of the latter branch until his death in 1480. ↑ India - Salute - JIND ↑ Acceded to the Union of India on 14 August 1947, but retained sovereignty over his state until his death on 31 March 1948


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    [edit] Architects

    1. Adolf Cluss - architect, builder of numerous public buildings in Washington D.C.[5] 2. Walter Gropius - pioneering master of modern architecture, founder of Bauhaus[6] 3. John A. Roebling - architect, best known for designing the Brooklyn Bridge[7] 4. Frederick C. Sauer - architect, particularly in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, region of the late 19th century and early 20th century>[8] 5. Horace Trumbauer - architect[9] 6. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - pioneer of modern architecture, second C...

    [edit] Artists

    1. Anni Albers - printmaker, textile artist[13] 2. Douglas Sirk - movie director[14] 3. Albert Bierstadt - painter, best known for his large landscapes of the American West[15] 4. Rudolph Dirks - comic strip artist who created The Katzenjammer Kids[16] 5. Alfred Eisenstaedt - photographer and photojournalist best remembered for his photograph capturing the celebration of V-J Day[17] 6. Andreas Feininger - photographer and writer on photographic technique[18] 7. Lyonel Feininger - painter and...

    [edit] Authors and writers

    1. Kathy Acker - author[44] 2. Sade Baderinwa- news reporter-journalist 1. Monika Bauerlein - co-editor of Mother Jones[citation needed] 2. L. Frank Baum - author, actor, and independent filmmaker best known as the creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz[45] 3. Vicki Baum - writer[46] 4. Richard Bock - sculptor and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright[citation needed] 5. Charles Bukowski - poet and novelist[47] 6. August Derleth - author of Sac Prairie saga, science fiction, mystery[citation needed]...

    [edit] Actors and actresses

    1. Eddie Albert - (born Edward Albert Heimberger) Oscar and Emmy Award-nominated American stage, film, character actor, gardener, humanitarian activist, and World War IIhero. 2. Sean Astin, actor and son of Patty Duke.[76] 3. Mackenzie Astin, actor and son of Patty Duke. 4. Catherine Bach - actress[77] 5. Diedrich Bader- actor 6. Maxine Bahns - actress[78] 7. Kim Basinger- actress 8. Jaid Barrymore - actress[79] 9. Chris Bauer - actor[citation needed] 10. Carl Betz - actor and World War II Ve...

    [edit] Celebrities

    1. Lauren Conrad, reality television personality.[187] 1. Siegfried Fischbacher - magician[188] 2. Paris Hilton - Member of the former Hotel owners Family[189] 3. Nicky Hilton - Member of the former Hotel owners Family[190] 4. Roy Horn - magician[191] 5. Stacy Keibler- World Wrestling Entertainment diva, model and ex-cheerleader of the Baltimore Ravens 6. Jimmy Kimmel - comedian, writer, talk show host, game show host, and producer[192] 7. Bridget Marquardt - model and TV personality (maiden...

    [edit] Directors/producers

    1. Marlon Brando, Sr. - director[197] 2. Michael Ballhaus - Hollywood film director[198] 3. Roland Emmerich - Hollywood film director; born in Stuttgart[199] 4. Steven Fischer - producer/director; two time Emmy Award nominee[citation needed] 5. Marc Forster - director[citation needed] 6. John Frankenheimer - film director[citation needed] 7. Mark Hellinger - producer[citation needed] 8. Carl Laemmle - pioneer in American film making and a founder of one of the original major Hollywood movie s...

    John Jacob Astor - merchant[254][255][256]
    John Jacob Astor IV - millionaire businessman, real estate builder, inventor, writer and a lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American War[254]
    George Frederick Baer - lawyer, Social Darwinist railroad baron (former President of the Reading Railroad)[257]
    Buzz Aldrin - astronaut, first human to speak on the Moon[331]
    Neil Armstrong - astronaut, first human set foot on the Moon[citation needed]
    George Atzerodt - assassin[332]
    David Alter - Inventor, physicist and doctor[377]
    Ottmar Mergenthaler - linotype inventor[378]
    Gustave Whitehead - aviation pioneer, built first motorised plane[379]
    Dietrich Gruen - timepiece or wristwatch maker. Founded the Gruen Watch Company in Ohio[380]
    Otto Boehler - United States Army private awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during the Moro Rebellion during the Philippine–American War
    Johann August Heinrich Heros von Borcke - Major in the Confederate army[381]
    George Armstrong Custer (1839–1876) - United States Army cavalry commander[382]
    Konrad Dannenberg - rocket pioneer and member of the German Rocket Team, brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip
    Felix Adler - rationalist intellectual[396]
    Hannah Arendt - political theorist[397]
    Ernst Bloch - Marxist philosopher[398]
    Rudolf Carnap - philosopher[399]
    John Peter Altgeld - former Union troop, Illinois governor and leading figure of the Progressive Era movement[citation needed]
    Gary Bauer - politician[citation needed]
    Conrad Beissel - religious leader who in 1732 founded the Ephrata Community in Pennsylvania[424]
    August Ernst - former president of Northwestern University and ordained minister[425]
    George J. Geis -Baptist missionary in Kachin State, Burma.[426]
    Barbara Heck - founded the first Methodist church in New York[427]
    Reinhold Aman - chemical engineer and publisher of Maledicta[438]
    Othmar Ammann - civil engineer[439]
    Walter Baade - astronomer[440]
    Max Bentele - pioneer in the field of jet aircraft turbines and mechanical engineering[441]
  6. Church History, Volume 2 (of 3)

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    Does rhinoplasty improve nasal breathing?. PubMed. Xavier, Rui. 2010-08-01. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to improve nasal aesthetics and nasal breathing. The aesthetic improvement of the nose is usually judged subjectively by the patient and the surgeon, but the degree of improvement of nasal obstruction is difficult to assess by clinical examination only.

  8. [PDF] ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.v. The ...

    Power Electronics for Industrial Drives, Automotive and Renewable Energies Where high currents flow, thick film printable silver and copper pastes and other products from Heraeus are used. Take, for example, the solder and sinter pastes, adhesives, and also the bonding wires and ribbons used for contacting chips in power electronics.

  9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Odane P. Hamilton - Issuu

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2. Biography Family and early years. Mozart's birthplace at Getreidegasse 9, Salzburg, Austria. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart at ...

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