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  1. Ecuadorian Spanish - Wikipedia › wiki › Spanish_language_in_Ecuador

    The Spanish spoken in the Ecuadorian Andes tends to have many idioms borrowed from Quechua, the native language spoken by the indigenous from this region. Words such as ñaño (which is used by many to refer to brother or "bro", while ñaña would mean sister) or choclo (corn) are widely used by people of any ethnicity or social class in this area.

    • 13.5 million (2014), 742,000 in Ecuador (2014)
    • Ecuador
  2. Biographical Dictionary of Ecuador - Wikipedia › wiki › Biographical_Dictionary_of

    The Biographical Dictionary of Ecuador (Spanish: Diccionario Biográfico del Ecuador) is a biographical dictionary in 22 volumes written by Rodolfo Pérez Pimentel.

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  4. ecuatoriano - Wiktionary › wiki › ecuatoriano
    • Galician
    • Latin
    • Spanish


    ecuatoriano m (feminine singular ecuatoriana, masculine plural ecuatorianos, feminine plural ecuatorianas) 1. Ecuadorian


    ecuatoriano m (plural ecuatorianos) 1. Ecuadorian


    1. (Classical) IPA(key): /e.ku.aː.toː.riˈaː.noː/, [ɛkuäːt̪oːɾiˈäːnoː] 2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA(key): /ˈ, [ɛkuɑt̪ɔɾiˈɑːnɔ]


    ecuātōriānō 1. dative/ablative masculine/neuter singular of ecuātōriānus


    From Ecuador, influenced by the original Latin aequātor, +‎ -iano.


    1. IPA(key): /ekwatoˈɾjano/, [e.kwa.t̪oˈɾ] 2. Rhymes: -ano


    ecuatoriano (feminine ecuatoriana, masculine plural ecuatorianos, feminine plural ecuatorianas) 1. Ecuadorian

  5. Ecuadorian - definition of Ecuadorian by The Free Dictionary › Ecuadorian

    Ecuador A country of northwest South America on the Pacific Ocean. Once part of the Inca Empire, it was conquered by the Spanish in 1534 and later became... Ecuadorian - definition of Ecuadorian by The Free Dictionary

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  7. Ecuadorian slang is a unique blend of Spanish, Kichwa (the nation’s indigenous language) and foreign loan words. Not to mention, the slang is as diverse as the nation itself. You’ve got the coast, the mountains and the jungle, all of which have their own unique variations on Spanish and Kichwa.

  8. Ecuadorian translations: ecuatoriano, ecuatoriano, -a. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary.

  9. Region: Spain, Hispanic America, Equatorial Guinea (see below) Official language in: 20 countries Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Spain Uruguay Venezuela Dependent entity Puerto Rico Significant minority United States Andorra Gibraltar Belize International ...

  10. camarón - Wiktionary › wiki › camarón
    • Pronunciation
    • Noun
    • Further Reading
    IPA(key): /kamaˈɾon/, [ka.maˈɾõn]
    Rhymes: -on

    camarón m (plural camarones) 1. shrimp (crustacean) 1.1. Synonym: gamba 2. (Central America)tip, gratuity 3. (Central America)casual, low-paid work 4. (Cuba, informal)sunburned person 5. (Dominican Republic)skilful and clever person 6. (Ecuador)inexperienced driver 7. (Peru) parasite, person living at the expense of others 7.1. Synonym: mantenido 8. (Mexico) prick, cock 8.1. Synonyms: reata, macana, pistola

    “camarón” in Diccionario de la lengua española, Vigésima tercera edición, Real Academia Española, 2014.

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