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  2. Ed (TV Series 2000–2004) - IMDb › title › tt0247091

    Oct 08, 2000 · "Ed" is the charming account of a man's search for personal redemption by not looking where everyone's head says to go, but where his heart says. Ed Stevens has the day of his life when he is fired from his job as an NYC contract attorney and finds his wife with another man. He uses this as the opportunity to overcome his fears and pursue his dreams.

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  3. Ed (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Ed_(TV_series)

    Tom Cavanagh as Edward Jeremy "Ed" Stevens. A lawyer who worked for a prestigious law firm in New York City, he loses... Julie Bowen as Carol Phyllis Vessey. The object of Ed's affection, she has stayed in Stuckeyville most of her life as... Jana Marie Hupp as Nancy Burton. Mike's wife and a good ...

  4. Ed (TV Series 2000–2004) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb › title › tt0247091

    Ed (TV Series 2000–2004) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb. Edit.

  5. Ed (TV series) - Wikiquote › wiki › Ed_(TV_series)
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    1. Ed: [to Molly about Carol]If you're not born with broad shoulders and a strong jaw, there's only one way to get the girl... you make a complete ass of yourself. 1. Kenny: If there were two bowling alleys, exactly alike, but one of them had wall-to-wall whores, I'd definitely patronize the one with the whores. 1. Ed: [to Mike]You know when you go into a department store and they have an irregular rack? Irregular. That's my staff. 1. Molly: [to Carol about Ed]You're lucky that you didn't sle...

    The World of Possibility

    1. Stuckeyville Stan: In the old days, we would have settled things like this with a baseball bat and a sock full of quarters. 1. Phil: [(to Ed, explaining why he goes by "Jean Tremont" to the salt-and-pepper shaker sales reps]The French thing gives me a business edge. It keeps 'em confused. 1. Ed: I came up with a theory on women. Women are just fancy men. You know what I mean? Start with a man, add a bunch of interesting bells and whistles, and you've got a woman. 1. Phil: [On the phone wit...

    Just Friends

    1. Warren: [to Ed]Yeah, I was just wondering... um... when you invite a client over to your office for the first time, and they see that it's like, in a bowling alley, or whatever, um... well, are they ever like, "Thanks, but I think I'm gonna find a lawyer whose office is not in a bowling alley?" 1. Ed: [about the mailman]Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night could stop him from having sex with my wife. 1. Warren: [to Molly, about Carol]Your friend here is a tough nut to crack, and I am...

    The Stars Align

    1. Warren: Let's spend another Friday night in my basement, eating my mom's zucchini bread and watching Battlebots. 1. Warren: I knew it! I knew it! I'm going upstate. Oh my god. I'm going upstate to visit some guy with a name like Ice or Big Daddy. He's gonna make me his bitch and he's gonna trade me for a carton of cigarettes or a girlie magazine! 1. Mike: [to Ed]It would have been a much better story if you, Bonnie, and Carol all started kissing each other. 1. Phil: I remember a time when...


    1. Ed: [comparing himself and Mike with Dennis]Cool guys? Cool guys? No thank you, we'd much rather be a couple of dorks. 1. George McPherson: [on why he wants to change his name]Life's too short to be someone you don't want to be. 1. Nancy: [watching as Ed`s "Hat Man" tries to pick up women in the bar]This is like watching a really cute puppy trying to have sex with a hooker. 1. Dr. Jerome: While I pride myself in having a facile sense of humor, steeped in both satire and irony, I choose not...

    A Job Well Done

    1. Phil: I manage a bowling alley. It's my job to trade in dreams and illusions. Oh my child, you wouldn't understand... 2. Ed: Phil, get your hand off my face. 1. Ed: [sitting on a horse ride at a playground]Look at me everybody! I'm a cowboy! Yee haw!

    Human Nature

    1. Ed: [to Mike, describing his moment with Carol] That was a movie kiss, a movie kiss my friend! I was Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grantrolled up into one. 1. Warren: [watching Kenny bowl towards 300]A chance to witness perfection. Last time I did that, I was doing shirtless sit ups in the mirror. 1. Kenny: [using his senile great-grandfather`s parting words]I'll see ya when I see ya unless I see ya when I see ya. 1. Phil: [as Ed departs with an irate Carol]My man Bosco's about to get a good ol...

    Miss Stuckeyville

    1. Warren: [about Carol]She's so bootylicious as a middle aged woman, I tremble to think how she must've been when she was young. 1. Ed: [about Carol]I kissed her, right? Plant the ole seeds of doubt? She fought it all summer and now she can't fight no mo'. 1. Mark: I like being a loser because we can brood and feel things deeply and make fun of the winners. 1. Warren: [to Ed]Right up until you nailed that hot DA a couple years ago, I thought you were as gay as a French horn. 1. Carol: [to Ed...

    The Road

    1. Mike: I'm thrilled you seem to have gotten over Carol. I'm concerned that you seem to have fallen in love with a man. 1. Phil: [about Eli]Look at him squirm now that the chair's on the other foot...or should I say ass? 1. Phil: [on Eli's forfeit]I've enjoyed a lot of victories in my life but for some reason, this one is particularly sweet. 1. Frank: [to Ed]I didn't find happiness on the road...I was happy before I left.

    New School

    1. Carol: [on why she isn't inviting Ed in]Tonight was absolutely perfect and I want to remember it just exactly as it is. 1. Mike: [finding out that Willie Butch costs $1000]Lineage!? I'm buying a dog, not the Prince of Wales! 1. Mike: [on learning Willie Butch`s pedigree is not all it was cracked up to be]I paid for the caviar of dogs and got the Starkist. 1. Mike: Do you think Willie Butch knows I'm human or does he just think I'm a really talented dog?" 1. Shirley: They're pies with the s...

    New Car Smell

    1. Mike: [about talking to Ed about Carol]I thought he was being an idiot, but of course, I couldn't come right out and say that..actually, I could come right out and say that. 1. Ed: [to Carol, as she is moving in]Welcome to my humble abode... or as the plains Indians would say, my humble adobe. 1. Warren: [about his history with Carol]We know, it was just this intense attraction that wouldn't, nay couldn't, be denied. 1. Carol: [to Ed]I recognize the full irony in what I'm...

    The Dream

    1. Phil: [trying to convince Ed to hire him as a jockey]I'm actually deceptively light. I have the bone structure of a bird. 1. Ed: If dreams are safe, then they're not really dreams, are they? They're plans. 1. Ed: [to Carol] I might not always agree with you, but I will always be withyou and I'm sorry it took me so long to figure that out. 1. Warren: [on his poor SAT score]One stupid test and I'm road kill on the highway of natural selection.

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