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  1. However, extensive urbanization mostly results in adverse effects. Below listed points are a few of them. 2. Housing Problems. Urbanization attracts people to cities and towns which leads to a high population increase. With the increase in the number of people living in urban centers, there is a continued scarcity of houses.

  2. Urbanization is not a problem limited to any particular nation. But usually, it is known to cause hindrances in developing nations. All the countries of the world have been facing this issue for some time now. Urbanization is the process of people moving out from rural areas to cities and urban areas. There are many reasons for this migration.

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    Urbanization is not merely a modern phenomenon, but a rapid and historic transformation of human social roots on a global scale, whereby predominantly rural culture is being rapidly replaced by predominantly urban culture. The first major change in settlement patterns was the accumulation of hunter-gatherers into villages many thousand years ...

  4. For rapid urbanization to provide opportunities to all, carefully considered urban planning and good governance with effective regulatory frameworks are required. The inability of governments to provide appropriate infrastructure and public services is at the core of many urban challenges in developing countries.

  5. Effects of Urban Development on Floods. By C. P. Konrad. Over the past century, the United States has become an increasingly urban society. The changes in land use associated with urban development affect flooding in many ways.

  6. Aug 18, 2022 · Rapid population increases and unplanned growth create an urban sprawl with negative economic, social, and environmental consequences. In Ethiopia, the rate of urban growth often strains the capacity of local and national government to provide urban residents with even the most basic services of housing, water supply, sewerage and solid waste ...

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