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  1. Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria - Wikipedia › wiki › Coptic_Orthodox_Church_of

    3 days ago · 'The Egyptian Orthodox Church') is an Oriental Orthodox Christian church based in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. The head of the church and the See of Alexandria is the Patriarch of Alexandria on the Holy See of Saint Mark, who also carries the title of Coptic Pope.

  2. Coptic language - Wikipedia › wiki › Coptic_language

    3 days ago · Coptic is today spoken liturgically in the Coptic Orthodox and Coptic Catholic Church (along with Modern Standard Arabic). The language is spoken only in Egypt and historically has had little influence outside of the territory, except for monasteries located in Nubia.

  3. Egypt officially approves over 1,100 recently-built churches ... › news › 37637

    6 days ago · In just the last few days, 88 Coptic churches were 'legalized', according to Fides news agency. Most of the churches had been built before the 2016 law, without official permits.

  4. Egyptian language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Egyptian_language

    5 days ago · Over time, it replaced Coptic as the language spoken by the common people. Today, Coptic survives as the liturgical language of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Coptic Catholic Church. The Bible contains some words, terms and names thought by scholars to be Egyptian in origin. An example of this is Zaphnath-Paaneah, the Egyptian name given to ...

    • Revitalisation efforts have been taking place, since the 19th century
    • Ancient Egyptians, Copts
  5. Egypt: Extremism & Counter-Extremism | Counter Extremism Project › countries › egypt

    Mar 01, 2021 · Egypt has been in a state-of-emergency since April 10, 2017, following ISIS attacks on two Coptic churches that killed 44 and wounded more than 100. (Source: Egypt Independent, Al Jazeera)

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  7. Archaeology of Early Christianity in Egypt - Oxford Handbooks › view › 10

    6 days ago · Once in Cairo and Alexandria, he found himself fascinated by the Coptic churches and later published The Ancient Churches of Egypt (1884), the first comprehensive documentation and study of Christian architecture. His work drew broader attention to the historical value of Egypt’s still standing Christian monuments.

  8. David Alton: Remembering brutal execution of 21 Coptic Saints ... › news › 41558

    2 days ago · Image: Fides. Lord Alton gave the following reflection at the Coptic Commemorative Meeting today. It is an honour to join you for this day of reflection as we commemorate again the martyrdom of the 21 saints who were brutally beheaded by Islamic State on February 15th, 2015...

  9. 2 days ago · Prince Theodore was born in 281 in Achaea, a port city, on the Black Sea. Later, he lived in Herculea, in Asia Minor. His father John was a Christian Egyptian from a city called Shateb in Upper Egypt, whereas his mother was from Rome and was a Pagan. St. Theodore’s Father was a soldier in the Roman army.

  10. Coptic Grandmother Stripped Naked and Paraded in the Streets › no-justice-for-coptic

    3 days ago · It was May 20, 2016, a day like many others in the village of Karam Abu Omair, in the Minya governorate in Upper Egypt. Suddenly, the houses belonging to the local Coptic Christian minority were surrounded by an angry mob of some 300 Muslims. They set fire to several homes, shouting that the Christians should leave the village—or else.

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