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  1. Who Are Egypt's Coptic Christians And What Do They Believe? › entry › who-are-egypts-coptic

    The Coptic Church diverged from other Christians during the 5th century in part due to differing beliefs about the nature of Christ. Coptic Christians believe that Christ had two natures ― one human and one divine ― united as one “without mingling, without confusion, and without alteration.”

    • Antonia Blumberg
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  3. Who are Coptic Christians (Copts)? The History & Beliefs of ... › church › denominations

    Nov 02, 2018 · Coptic Christians are an ethnoreligious group indigenous to Northeast Africa who predominantly reside in the region of modern Egypt, where they are the biggest Christian denomination in the nation. Learn about the origin and significance of Coptic traditions in Christianity as well as the worldwide membership of Copts today.

  4. Coptic Catholic Church | History, Beliefs, & Facts | Britannica › topic › Coptic-Catholic-Church

    Coptic Catholic Church, Eastern Catholic church of the Alexandrian rite in Egypt, in communion with Rome since 1741, when Athanasius, a Miaphysite (acknowledging only one nature in the person of Christ) Coptic bishop, became a Roman Catholic.

  5. What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians ... › Coptic-Christianity

    Jan 02, 2020 · To this day, 95 percent of Christians in Alexandria are members of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The tradition says that when John Mark arrived on a missionary journey to Egypt, the Coptic form of religion of that day was god-centered worship, but focused upon the pyramids.

  6. What Is the Coptic Orthodox Church? - Learn Religions › coptic-orthodox-church-700011

    Oct 07, 2019 · Beliefs and Practices The sacred texts of the Coptic Church are the Bible and the Liturgy of St. Basil. Worship services are performed in the ancient Coptic language in combination with local languages. The hymns and liturgy remain similar to those of the early church.

  7. Our Core Values & Beliefs What is Coptic ? Coptic is the language of the Copts, which represents the final stage of ancient Egypt. It now survives only as the liturgical language of the Coptic Church.

  8. Copt | Definition, Religion, History, & Facts | Britannica › topic › Copt

    Copt, a member of Egypt ’s indigenous Christian ethno-religious community. The terms Copt and Coptic are variously used to denote either the members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the largest Christian body in Egypt, or as generic terms for Egyptian Christians; this article focuses primarily on the former definition.

  9. 5 things to know about the Coptic Christian Church › news › national
    • The Coptic Orthodox Church was founded in the first century around 50 AD in Alexandria, Egypt by the Apostle Mark, making it one of the earliest Christian denominations.
    • The Coptic Orthodox Church splintered from Rome and the Eastern Orthodox churches in the 5th century. The Coptic Catholic Church split off at the same time, but has since reunited with Roman Catholics and Pope Francis.
    • It's difficult to find an accurate estimate of the exact number of Copts in Egypt because the church puts the number as high as 18 million, while the Egyptian government puts the population at around six million.
    • The first Christians in Egypt were called Copts because of the ancient form of Egyptian that they spoke. The word "Coptic" comes from a Greek word meaning "Egyptian," and describes a person from Egypt.
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