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  1. Jan 8, 2015 · eight noun ˈāt 1 : a number that is one more than seven see Table of Numbers 2 : the eighth in a set or series the eight of spades 3 : something having eight units or members: such as a : an 8-oared racing boat or its crew b : an 8-cylinder engine or automobile eight adjective eight pronoun, plural in construction Example Sentences

  2. Definition of eight noun a cardinal number, seven plus one. a symbol for this number, as 8 or VIII. a set of this many persons or things, as the crew of an eight-oared racing shell. a playing card the face of which bears eight pips. Informal. an automobile powered by an eight-cylinder engine. an eight-cylinder engine. adjective

  3. eight (eɪt) n. 1. a cardinal number, seven plus one. 2. a symbol for this number, as 8 or VIII. 3. a set of this many persons or things. 4. a. an automobile powered by an eight-cylinder engine. b. an eight-cylinder engine. adj. 5. amounting to eight in number. [before 1000; Middle English eighte, Old English (e)ahta]

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    8 ( eight) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9 . Contents 1 Etymology 2 Evolution of the Arabic digit 3 In mathematics 3.1 List of basic calculations 3.1.1 In other bases 4 In science 4.1 Physics 4.2 Astronomy 4.3 Chemistry 4.4 Geology 4.5 Biology 4.6 Psychology 5 In technology 5.1 In measurement 6 In culture 6.1 Currency

  5. Meaning of eight in English eight number uk / eɪt / us / eɪt / A1 the number 8: She was eight ( years old) when her family moved here. We've got eight people coming to dinner. More examples The shops shut at eight o'clock on Wednesday evenings. The sum of 13 and 8 is 21. We've been married eight years.

  6. Jun 23, 2019 · From the Latin word come Italian otto, Spanish ocho, Old French oit, Modern French huit. For spelling, see fight (v.). Meaning "eight-man crew of a rowing boat" is from 1847. The Spanish piece of eight (1690s) was so called because it was worth eight reals (see piece (n.)).

  7. キャリアプロフィール「Eight」が、ビジネスのライフタイムに伴走し、 昇進や転職、キャリアチェンジした後も変わることなく、キャリア形成にエッジを立てるお手伝いをします。 プロフィールを自動作成 名刺を撮るだけ。 AIと手入力を組み合わせた 最高水準の技術で、素早く正確に データ化します。 名刺情報を管理・検索 名刺交換をした相手の名刺を簡単に管理・検索 ができます。 共通の知り合いを通じて 新たな人脈形成も可能です。 近況情報が届く Eightでつながると、 相手が転職や昇進などで 名刺を変更した場合に「通知」が届きます。 キャリア情報に出会える 自分磨きに役立つ情報や、 知らなかった企業への共感、 興味のある求人に応募することができます。 企業からスカウトが届く

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