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    Where is the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood?

    When was the first performance of El Capitan?

    Who was the composer of El Capitan operetta?

    Is the El Capitan Theatre safe for guests?

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    El Capitan Theatre is a fully restored movie palace at 6838 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. The theater and adjacent Hollywood Masonic Temple (now known as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre) is owned by The Walt Disney Company and serves as the venue for a majority of the Walt Disney Studios ' film premieres.

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    El Capitan early years

    In the early 1920s, real es­tate de­vel­oper Charles E. To­ber­man (the "Fa­ther of Hol­ly­wood") en­vi­sioned a thriv­ing Hol­ly­wood the­ater district. To­ber­man was in­volved in 36 pro­jects while build­ing the Max Fac­tor Build­ing (now the Hol­ly­wood Mu­seum), Hol­ly­wood Roo­sevelt Hotel and the Hol­ly­wood Ma­sonic Tem­ple. With Sid Grau­man, he opened the three themed the­aters: Egypt­ian (1922), El Cap­i­tan (1926), and Chi­nese(1927). El Cap­i­tan, dubbed "Hol­ly­wood's First Home...

    Hollywood Paramount

    The build­ing was re­mod­eled in the mod­ern style, with the decor cov­ered with cur­tains and re­mov­ing the box-seat balconies. The the­ater re­opened in 1942 as the Hol­ly­wood Para­mount The­ater. Its in­au­gural film pre­sen­ta­tion was Cecil B. De­Mille's fea­ture Reap the Wild Wind. The the­ater re­mained the West Coast flag­ship for Para­mount Pic­tures until the stu­dio was forced by the U.S. Supreme Court's de­ci­sion in the an­titrust case U.S. vs. Para­mount Pic­tures, et al. to d...

    Disney and restoration

    Late in the 1980s, Dis­ney pur­chased a con­trol­ling stake in one of Pa­cific The­atres' chains, lead­ing to Dis­ney's Buena Vista The­aters and Pa­cific ren­o­vat­ing the El Cap­i­tan The­atre and the Crest by 1989. These the­aters be­came Dis­ney's flag­ship houses. They spent $14 mil­lion on a com­plete ren­o­va­tion of the Para­mount, restor­ing much of the build­ing's orig­i­nal decor as well as the the­ater's orig­i­nal name. El Cap­i­tan re­opened in 1991 with the pre­miere of The Roc...

    The the­ater is built into a six-story of­fice build­ing built in the 1920s. The de­sign fea­tured an ex­te­rior done in Cal­i­for­nia Chur­rigueresque style of Span­ish Colo­nial Re­vival ar­chi­tec­ture ex­te­rior de­signed by Stiles O. Clements of the ar­chi­tec­tural firm of Mor­gan, Walls & Clements,[citation needed] and mixed in­te­rior by G. Al­bert Lans­burgh. The in­te­rior is a lav­ish East In­dianin the main au­di­to­rium, Eng­lish Tudor in the wood-pan­eled lower lobby and Ital­ian Baroque on the facade. The re­fur­bished the­ater fea­tures a large Wurl­itzer the­atre organ orig­i­nally in­stalled in San Fran­cisco's Fox The­atre in 1929. Below the the­ater is a small ex­hibit space, often used to dis­play props from the films, such as cos­tumes or set pieces.[citation needed] Next door is the ad­ja­cent Dis­ney's Soda Foun­tain and Stu­dio Store, where pa­trons can pur­chase ice creamthemed to the film cur­rently play­ing in the cin­ema next door. A wide va­ri­ety of Di...

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    Jan 08, 2019 · English: The El Capitan Theatre — a former movie palace and present day Disney theater, on Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The 1926 Spanish Colonial Revival style building, designed by Morgan, Walls & Clements, is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

  5. El Capitan - Wikipedia › wiki › El_Capitan

    El Capitan (Spanish: El Capitán; The Captain or The Chief) is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, located on the north side of Yosemite Valley, near its western end. The granite monolith is about 3,000 feet (914 m) from base to summit along its tallest face and is a popular objective for rock climbers .

  6. El Capitan Theatre

    The El Capitan Theatre is dedicated to offering you an outstanding Guest experience while including measures to keep you and our cast members safe and healthy. Click on Safety Information in the tab above for more information.

  7. El Capitan (operetta) - Wikipedia › wiki › El_Capitan_(operetta)
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    Don Errico Medigua, recently appointed Viceroy of Peru (baritone) – De Wolf Hopper
    Senor Amabile Pozzo, Chamberlain of Peru (tenor) – Alfred Klein
    Don Luiz Cazarro, former Viceroy of Peru (bass) – T. S. Guise
    Count Hernando Verrada, a Peruvian gentleman (tenor) – Edmund Stanley

    Don Errico Medigua is the viceroyof Spanish-occupied 16th-century Peru and fears assassination by rebels. After he secretly has the rebel leader El Capitan killed, he disguises himself as El Capitan. Estrelda, the daughter of the former viceroy, Cazarro, impressed by tales of El Capitan's daring, falls in love with the disguised Medigua, who is already married. Meanwhile, the rebels capture the Lord Chamberlain, Pozzo, mistaking him for the viceroy. Hearing that her husband has been captured, Medigua's wife Marganza and daughter Isabel (who is being wooed by the handsome Verrada) go in search of Medigua. Medigua, still disguised as El Capitan, leads the hapless rebels against the Spaniards, taking them in circles until they are too tired to fight. The Spaniards win, the mistaken identities are revealed, the love stories are untangled after Medigua explains to his wife the flirtation with Estrelda, and the story ends happily.

    Prelude Act I 1. Chorus: "Nobles of Castilian birth." 2. Recitative and Solos: "Oh, beautiful land of Spain." 3. Recitative Solo and Chorus: "From Peru's majestic mountains." 4. Chorus: "Don Medigua, all for thy coming wait." 5. Solo and Chorus: "If you examine human kind." 6. Melodrama 7. Solo and Chorus: "When we hear the call for battle." 8. Solo and Chorus: "Oh, spare a daughter." 9. Chorus: "Lo, the awful man approaches." 10. Solo and Chorus: "You see in me." 11. Finale Act I – "Bah! Bah!" Act II 1. Introduction 2. Solo and Chorus: "Ditty of the Drill!" 3. Solo and Chorus: "Behold El Capitan" 4. Duet: "I've a most decided notion." 5. Double Chorus and Solo: "Bowed with tribulation." 6. Recitative Solo and Chorus: "Oh, Warrior Grim." 7. Sextette: "Don Medigua, here's your wife." 8. Finale Act II – "He can not, must not, shall not" Act III 1. Introduction, Duet and Refrain: "Sweetheart, I'm waiting." 2. Song: "When some serious affliction." 3. Ditty: "The typical tune of Zanzibar...

    Images and historical information about El Capitanfrom Canton Comic Opera Co.
    Photos from El Capitan
  8. Hollywood Masonic Temple - Wikipedia › wiki › Hollywood_Masonic_Temple
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    In 1922, the Hollywood Lodge of the Masons relocated from their existing lodge on the current site of the Dolby Theatre. The construction of the new three-story building was led by lodge master Charles E. Toberman, who was responsible for the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Roosevelt Hotel and the Max Factor Building.The original building cost $176,678, with a sum of $56,421 allotted to furniture and fixtures and $36,295 for the purchase of the lot. Toberman and fellow member Charles Boag formed a Hollywood Masonic Club to partly finance the building offering membership subscriptions for $100. When the new temple opened, it was one of the most substantial structures in Hollywood. It had a billiard room, pipe organ, ladies parlor, ballroom, and lodge rooms. One writer described the building as "unsurpassed for beauty, attractiveness and richness of equipment." The architect, John C. Austin, also worked on the Shrine Auditorium, Griffith Observatory, and Los Angeles Cit...

    By the late 1970s, Masonic membership had declined, and the Masons rented out ground-floor space to a restaurant. In 1980, the lodge moved out of the building to Van Nuys and renamed the Hollywood-West Valley Lodge. By 1982, the Masons could not afford upgrades to meet revised fire and seismic codes. The Masons sold the building to singer Rosita LaBello who converted the structure into the Hollywood Opera & Theater Company. The building's life with LaBello's opera and theater company was short-lived with only a few operatic productions.With the opera and theater company's failure, the building was sold back to the lodge. In February 1986, Detroit developer James Hoseyni signed a 20-year lease with an $2.7 million 3-year option to buy with building owner 6840 Hollywood Associates, an affiliate of Westmark Development. Westmark Development at that time had Nicholas Olaerts and Thomas Harnsberger as general partners and who were owners of El Capitan Theatre by 1992. Donald Bruce Randal...

    In 2002, after extensive renovation, Disney reopened the building as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre. Disney restored original fixtures, including backlighted stone filigree, wrought iron torchieres, Batcheldertiles and old post boxes once used by Masonic officers. On January 26, 2003, Jimmy Kimmel Live!premiered at the entertainment center, its regular location.

  9. Theatre organ - Wikipedia › wiki › Theatre_organ

    El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, California - 4 Manuals, 36 ranks (Wurlitzer, 1929) (Current El Capitan organ is not original install; it is in fact the San Francisco Fox organ, later the Lanterman organ, so El Cap is its third home.) Ohio Theatre, Columbus - 4 manuals, 34 ranks (Robert Morton, 1928)

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