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  1. Free Market Economics, Third Edition will help students and general readers understand classical economic theory, written by someone who believes that this now-discarded approach to economic thought was superior to what is found in most of our textbooks today.

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  3. Politicians often speak of free education, free healthcare, and free housing, but this terminology is deceptive. The provision of all these goods requires scarce resources. Governments can shift costs, but they can cannot eliminate them. 15

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  4. Free Trade-international trade is left to its natural course without interference of trade barriers like tariffs, quotas or embargoes. Subsidies-a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service may remain low or competitive.

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  6. › Literature › Henry Hazlitt Economics in OneEconomics in One Lesson

    Introduction to the 2007 Edition of Economics in One Lesson Writing this introduction is a labor of love for me. You know how women sometimes say to each other “This dress is you!” Well, this book is me! This was the first book on economics that just jumped out and grabbed me. I had read a few before, but they were boring. Very boring.

  7. Chapter 13: Economic Instability Chapter 14: Money, Banking, and the Fed Chapter 15: Economic Stabilization Policies Chapter 16: International Trade Chapter 17: Developing Countries Chapter 18: Global Economic Challenges Extra Resources: Reading Essentials and Note-Taking Guide; Personal Finance Handbook, Skills Handbook, Reference Atlas, Index

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