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  1. Sociomusicology - Wikipedia

    Sociomusicology (from Latin: socius, "companion"; from Old French musique; and the suffix -ology, "the study of", from Old Greek λόγος, lógos : "discourse"), also called music sociology or the sociology of music, refers to both an academic subfield of sociology that is concerned with music (often in combination with other arts), as well as a subfield of musicology that focuses on social aspects of musical behavior and the role of music in society

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  3. Sociology | Definition of Sociology by Merriam-Webster

    Sociology definition is - the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships; specifically : the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.

  4. Pasticcio | Article about pasticcio by The Free Dictionary

    pastiche (păstēsh`, pä–), work of art that combines themes and styles from various sources in such a way as to appear obviously derivative. Pastiches are frequently ...

  5. Amoral familism - Oxford Reference

    Feb 08, 2021 · Social action persistently oriented to the economic interests of the nuclear family. In a controversial account of poverty in a village in southern Italy (The Moral Basis of a Backward Society, 1958), Edward C. Banfield argued that the backwardness of the community was to be explained ‘largely but not entirely’ by ‘the inability of the villagers to act together for their common good or ...

  6. Anthology | Definition of Anthology by Merriam-Webster

    Anthology definition is - a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music. How to use anthology in a sentence.

  7. 16.4 Issues and Problems in Education – Sociology

    Sociology Making a Difference School Bonding and Delinquency As discussed in Chapter 7 “Deviance, Crime, and Social Control” , the social control theory of delinquency assumes that weak social bonds to family, schools, and other social institutions help promote juvenile delinquency.

  8. Reading: Ethnocentrism and Xenocentricism | Sociology

    During her summer vacation, Caitlin flew from Chicago to Madrid to visit Maria, the exchange student she’d befriended the previous semester. In the airport, she heard rapid, musical Spanish being spoken all around her. Exciting as it was, she felt isolated and disconnected. Maria’s mother kissed Caitlin on both cheeks when she greeted her.

  9. Howard S. Becker | Biography, Books, & Facts | Britannica

    Howard S. Becker, American sociologist known for his studies of occupations, education, deviance, and art. In his most famous book, Outsiders (1963), he argued that deviance was the cultural product of interactions between people whose occupations involved either committing crimes or catching criminals.

  10. Unorganized | Definition of Unorganized by Merriam-Webster

    Unorganized definition is - not organized: such as. How to use unorganized in a sentence.

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