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  1. John, byname John The Steadfast, German Johann Der Beständige, (born June 30, 1468, Meissen, near Dresden, Saxony—died Aug. 16, 1532, Schweinitz, near Wittenberg, Wittenberg), elector of Saxony and a fervent supporter of Martin Luther; he took a leading part in forming alliances among Germany’s Protestant princes against the Habsburg emperors’ attempts at forced reconversion. After his ...

  2. Saxony Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster Entries Near Save Word saxony noun sax· o· ny ˈsak-s (ə-)nē plural saxonies often capitalized 1 a : a fine soft woolen fabric b : a fine closely twisted knitting yarn 2 : a Wilton jacquard carpet Example Sentences

  3. (in the US) a member of an electoral college (= a group of people whose job is to choose a political leader): The US President is officially elected by electors from each state, rather than by the popular vote. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Voters & candidates in elections abstainer Brexiteer candidate carpetbagger constituency

  4. Maurice, (born March 21, 1521, Freiberg, Saxony—died July 9, 1553, Sievershausen, Saxony), duke (1541–53) and later elector (1547–53) of Saxony, whose clever manipulation of alliances and disputes gained the Albertine branch of the Wettin dynasty extensive lands and the electoral dignity. Maurice succeeded his father, Duke Henry of Saxony, in 1541.

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  6. Saxon definition: 1. relating to or belonging to the people who were originally from Germany and who came to live in…. Learn more.

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