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  1. Electronic drum - Wikipedia

    An electronic drum is a modern electronic musical instrument, primarily designed to serve as an alternative to an acoustic drum kit or other percussion instruments. An electronic drum consists of an electronic or digital sound module which produces the synthesized or sampled percussion sounds and one or more electric sensors or sensor-equipped pads to trigger the sounds. Like regular drums, the sensors or pads are struck by drum sticks or by the hands and they are played in a similar manner to a

  2. List of electronic drum performers - Wikipedia

    This is a partial list of notable users of electronic drums. Electronic drums have sensors or sensor-equipped pads, which the drummer strikes with a stick to trigger synthesized or sampled drum or percussion sounds that are stored in a memory in an electronic drum module or synthesizer. For many of the entries, the brand or type of electronic drum that they use is given, or one or more examples of songs that use electronic drums are provided. "Users" includes individual musicians, DJs, music pro

  3. Roland V-Drums - Wikipedia

    V-Drums is a variety of electronic drums, drum brain modules, and related electronic percussion product manufactured and trademarked by Roland Corporation. The primary V-Drums products are complete electronic drum kits. These vary in price and complexity, ranging from a few hundred dollars to approximately US$7,499 (MAP-Minimum Advertised Price).

    Pad Name
    Years Available
    BT-1 In Production
    Bar-shaped Rubber Pad
    CY-5 In Production
    Cymbal Pad (fixed)
    10 Inches
    Cymbal Pad (fixed)
    12 Inches
    CY-8 In Production
    Cymbal Pad (fixed)
    12 Inches
  4. Drum and bass - Wikipedia

    Drum and bass is a genre of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers. The music grew out of the UK's jungle scene and subgenres such as darkcore in the 1990s. The popularity of drum and bass at its commercial peak ran parallel to several other homegrown dance styles. A major influence was the original Jamaican dub and reggae sound that influenced jungle's bass-heavy sound. Another feature of the style is the complex s

  5. Drum kit - Wikipedia

    A drum kit – also called a drum set, trap set (an abbreviation of the word "contraption") or simply drums – is a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments, which are set up on stands to be played by a single player, with drumsticks held in both hands and the feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum.

  6. Drum. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from Drums) Jump to navigation Jump to search. For oil and chemical containers, see Barrel. This kind of drum is called a snare drum. A drum is a musical instrument that is played with the hands using a drum stick (a stick for hitting a drum).

  7. Dub music - Wikipedia

    Dub has influenced many genres of music, including rock (most significantly the subgenre of post-punk and other kinds of punk), pop, hip hop, post-disco, and later house, techno, ambient, electronic dance music, and trip hop. Dub has become a basis for the genres of jungle and drum and bass.

  8. Alesis - Wikipedia

    Alesis designs and markets electronic musical instruments, digital audio processors, audio mixers, Drum Amplifiers, Amplifiers digital audio interfaces, recording equipment, drum machines, professional audio and electronic percussion products. Based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, Alesis is an inMusic Brands company. Alesis products are designed ...

  9. Roland Corporation - Wikipedia

    History 1970s. Having created Ace Electronic Industries Inc in 1960, Ikutaro Kakehashi founded Roland in Osaka on April 18, 1972. While rival companies Moog and ARP targeted professional musicians and academics, Kakehashi, who had no musical training, wanted to appeal to amateurs and hobbyists, and focused on miniaturization, affordability, and simplicity.

  10. An electronic drum, also known as electric drums, digital drums, or electronic percussion, is a modern electronic musical instrument, a special type of synthesizer or sampler, primarily designed to serve as an alternative to an acoustic drum kit or other percussion instruments.

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