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    An electronic musical instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound using electronic circuitry.Such an instrument sounds by outputting an electrical, electronic or digital audio signal that ultimately is plugged into a power amplifier which drives a loudspeaker, creating the sound heard by the performer and listener.

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    Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments or circuitry-based music technology.A distinction can be made between sound produced using electromechanical means (electroacoustic music) and that produced using electronics only.

    • Late 19th and early 20th century, Europe and the United States
    • Modernism, Futurism
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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Electronic music is music which is made with electronic equipment such as synthesizers or computers. Sometimes electronic music artists create special sounds using tape recorders too.

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    An assortment of musical instruments in an Istanbul music store. This is a list of musical instruments , including percussion, wind, stringed, and electronic instruments. Contents

  8. Electro (music) - Wikipedia

    Electro (or electro-funk) is a genre of electronic music and early hip hop directly influenced by the use of the Roland TR-808 drum machines, and funk. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals, although if vocals are present they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through electronic distortion such as vocoding and talkboxing.

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    In 1815, Johann Maelzel patented his mechanical, wind-up metronome as a tool for musicians, under the title "Instrument/Machine for the Improvement of all Musical Performance, called Metronome". In the 20th century, electronic metronomes and software metronomes were invented.

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    Musical instrument construction is a specialized trade that requires years of training, practice, and sometimes an apprenticeship. Most makers of musical instruments specialize in one genre of instruments; for example, a luthier makes only stringed instruments. Some make only one type of instrument such as a piano.

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