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  1. You should probably look for a couple more images, it may be difficult to find free use images for a song but if it's possible it would be good to add a couple more. Also be sure to add ALT text to the images that you have and that you add. You have several short paragraphs. Consider combining or expanding these to make the reading easier.

  2. No worries, Gog the Mild.Your changes are good, and I am now happy to support. Thanks for your work on this. If you ever want to take on the main Battle of Crete article or other sub-articles, ping me; apart from the Concise History I've got some German sources that might be useful/interesting (particularly in somewhat demolishing the myth of the elite Fallschirmjäger).

  3. Generally, especially as our biography is so poor, the painting needs more explanation in its wider context of Bruegel's work. You should quickly explain how the Farnese paintings came to be in Naples. I've seen the painting, which is indeed very memorable. The image is unfortunately rather pale - more so than the original as I remember it.

  4. Support, all my concerns resolved, looks good.Sandy Georgia 00:44, 19 November 2020 (UTC); Comments From SurenGrig07. I would primarily like to provide various comments concerning the prose of the article, within an attempt to hone my skills in this area; if this would not remain excessively inconvenient, I shall place them here and all commentaries remain open to debate or criticism:

  5. Soul music & electronic music genres. Michael Jackson was a soul artist. Many of his songs including his early material were heavy soul material and he has been noted by many sources as a soul artist, including Liz Taylor when addressing him as the "true King of Pop, Rock, and Soul". That should be noted.

  6. The most prominent Estonian politician of the interwar period. Päts was the nation's leader during its three most crucial moments, the Estonian War of Independence, his own self-coup in 1934 and the Soviet occupation. He is seen by Estonians either as the Father of the Nation, destructor of democracy or even a Soviet collaborator or an agent.

  7. To someone who hasn't spent ages on wikipedia, a small hyperlinked question mark is not the most intuitive solution. I doubt my grandfather would even recognize them. Sandman888 20:26, 1 September 2010 (UTC) To answer your question for the reason of having Japanese in the table. Basically there are two types of reasons: