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    What is the last elemental power in Ninjago?

    What are elemental powers in Naruto?

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    How do you get elemental powers?

  2. Template:Element Elemental Powers are ancestral powers used by the Elemental Masters in the realm of Ninjago. They allow users to control specific elements. For over a hundred generations, Elemental Powers have been passed down so that the new Elemental Masters can continue using them to protect Ninjago from the many forces of evil.

  3. Stay for the entire video to see ALL 25 POWERS! Elements such as Fire, Lighting, Earth, and Ice are considered primary elements while others such as Sound, Speed, etc are secondary elements in...

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  4. These are all of the elemental powers that have appeared in Ninjago. Ninjago Wiki. Explore. ... Elemental Powers (The LEGO Ninjago Movie) Energy; F Category:Fire;

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    Fire Fire is an element used by Kai. It gives its user the power to create and manipulate flames. It is generally associated with the color red. Lightning Lightning is an element used by Jay. It gives its user the power to create and manipulate electricity. It is generally associated with the color blue. Earth Earth is an element used by Cole. It g...

    It's unknown if Elemental Powers are passed down genetically as they are in the TV series, though Wu does say the ninja "were all born with" their powers. Although Garmadon has the element of Destruction like his TV series counterpart, he never used it in the movie.

    The elements as the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. Fire Lightning Earth Ice Water Surprise Green Creation The elements of creation on the green leaf.

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