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  1. Ronin Warriors originally known as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers have the 5 core Troopers' armors based on some elemental powers. Ryo is fire, Shin/Cye is water, Shu/Kento is earth, Seiji/Sage is Lightning/Thunder and Touma/Rowen is Light/Air. Magic Knight Rayearth has Hikaru as fire, Umi as water, and Fuu as wind.

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    This page is a list containing all the powers with their abilities, and Mastery ranks. The eight base abilities are Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wind, Nature, Light and Dark. Every base power has one combo with another base power, plus a sub-element. Some Power Combos have been lost to the depths of time, forgotten, and so are left as "Unknown". Every Shifter has two base elements, and most of the time the combo that comes with it (if it has one).

    Fire: Base elemental power associated with heat, infrared and other powers pertaining to thermal based attacks and Pyrokinesis. Scorch: Light combo. Basically it's extremely hot fire capable of disintegration to a point of no byproducts. The fire is bright white and is smokeless, and the heat is concentrated within the core of the flames, and the fire can't spread without the Shifter's will. It gives off a bright white light and is only dangerous if touched directly, so it is more defensive than...

    Each power has specific names, but they all function the exact same way. This is a basic list of the vague, unnamed abilities. Weapon construct: Each power will generate a weapon unique to the power and the Shifter. Weapons can range from a simple knife made from Fire, or a Lightning Rail-gun. Basic Projectile: A Shifter is able to fire a basic projectile of their element. Heavy/Charged Projectile: With enough experience, a Shifter is able to fire off a Heavy/Charged projectile, like a Smoke mis...

  2. Earth Mimicry - Transform into earth or mimic traits of earth. Earth Magic - Use magic related to earth. Earth Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of earth. Geoscience - Have absolute knowledge about earth. Geokinetic Combat - Combine earth-related abilities with combat.

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  4. Powers and Abilities [] Nigh-omnipotence - The user is virtually omnipotent (unlimited in power, unless part of the power is taken from them, in which they have a limited amount of power left), like when the First Spinjitzu Master used this elemental power to create Ninjago (using the main elements that make it up). Another example is when the Overlord became the Golden Master, he wanted to use this elemental power to destroy all of Ninjago.

  5. Horror is an elemental essence in the Elemental Kingdom, comprised of Dark Magic and Spells. It is the opposite of Angel Power. It corresponds with the darkest presence Trigon, who's lived among the lives of Star City in the Galaxy Kingdom for several years. It is the power Jake's father, originating from the first Elemental King who passed from the queen who betrayed him for the two kids over 10 years ago.

  6. Nightmare is one of the elemental essence in the Galaxy Kingdom, formerly possessed by Korean. Basically, the user can create, shape, enter and manipulate the nightmares of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, observing nightmares and turning dreams into nightmares.

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