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  1. #43 Embassy of the United Kingdom, Chiinu Diplomatic Mission Updated: 2020-01-14 The British Embassy in Chiinu is the United Kingdom's diplomatic mission to Moldova. It is located on 18 Nicolae Iorga str. Distance: 8.5 mi. (13.6 km)

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    Images on government or government agency websites are not necessarily public domain; always look for copyright notices or similar. Especially the images on the favorite website "Astronomy Picture of the Day" are in most cases not within the public domain but copyrighted by their individual authors (so please do not upload images from there to Wikimedia Commons).

  3. Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi - Wikipedia › wiki › Akkerman

    Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Ukrainian: Бі́лгород-Дністро́вський, romanized: Bílhorod-Dnistróvskyy; Romanian: Cetatea Albă; Russian: Бе́лгород-Днестро́вский, romanized: Bélgorod-Dnestróvskiy), formerly known as Akkerman (see naming section below), is a city and port situated on the right bank of the Dniester Liman (on the Dniester estuary leading to ...

  4. Church Of St. Constantine And Elena - Bacau, Moldavia ... › landmark-church-of-st

    Church of St. Constantine and Elena - Bacau - details and images Church of Sts Constantine and Elena "is the only foundation in the town of Bacau boyar. It was built between the years leading pasoptiste revolution, that between 1842 -1845.

  5. Romanian Ally of Gorbachev to Head New Regime - Los Angeles Times › archives › la-xpm-1989/12/27-mn

    Until 1987, the United States granted Romania “most favored nation” trading status that gave the Ceausescu regime a range of tariffs and interest-payment concessions.

  6. US citizen appointed to the post of adviser in the Ministry ... › 177669-na-dolzhnost-sovetnika-v-mi

    There are reports from Chisinau about the renewal of the staff of the country's Defense Ministry. This update is associated with a change in the composition of the government after the victory in the presidential elections of Maya Sandu. Let us recall that on the eve of Ms. Sandu announced the need to withdraw the Russian military from Transnistria. IN

  7. Palace Of Culture - Iasi, Moldavia | Informations and image ... › landmark-palace-of-culture

    Palace of Culture - Iasi, Moldavia, Romania | Details and travel informations and pictures about Palace Of Culture - Iasi and near-by hotels - The beautiful building is an expression of romanticism and the end of the century is a manifestation of the architect IDBerindei neogoticului...

  8. King Michael of Romania, Who Ousted a Hitler Puppet, Dies at ... › 2017/12/05 › obituaries

    Dec 05, 2017 · King Michael of Romania, who was credited with pre-emptively saving thousands of lives in World War II when, at 22, he had the audacity to arrest the country’s dictator, a puppet of Hitler, died ...

  9. Evolution of the external debt of Developing Countries ... › Evolution-of-the-external-debt-of

    Several elements have to be taken into consideration. The main one is the impact of the subprime crisis. In 2007 the bubble of subprime loans burst in the United States. The crisis soon spread to all major Western banks, which are all interconnected. The world of finance was faced with a collapse of the whole system.

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