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  1. Ileana Lazariuc - IMDb

    Ileana Lazariuc was born on April 12, 1982 in Baicoi, USSR as Elena Criganuta. ... Elena Criganuta April 12, 1982 Baicoi, USSR [now Moldavia] ...

  2. Watch Sophia | Prime Video

    In 15th Century Russia, the last Byzantium Princess, Sophia Palaiologina, moves from Rome to Moscow to marry Czar Ivan III. Destined to become the first influential female figure of the Russian Empire, Sophia overcomes court intrigue and betrayals and helps Ivan consolidate the fragmented country, push Mongolian invaders out, and build the Kremlin.

  3. Eugen Doga - Wikipedia

    Eugen Doga's debut as a movie composer was in 1967 in the movie directed by George Voda "We need a gatekeeper for anime" based on the fairytale "Ivan Turbinca" by Ion Creanga – a fantastic story about amazing adventures of a soldier from the royal army, who was invited to serve as a guard of the gates to paradise.

  4. Dynasty (TV Series 1981–1989) - Cast - IMDb

    Linda Evans. Krystle Carrington / Rita Lesley (212 episodes, 1981-1989)

  5. DVD Talk

    But Amanda is given a new distraction with the introduction of Prince Michael (Michael Praed, sporting a regal mullet) of Moldavia in Episode 18, a young and dashing charmer who instantly sets his sights on the hard-to-get beauty. On his side is Alexis, who spots an opportunity for her daughter to move up the social scale:

  6. The Thing - The Boardgame by Pendragon Game Studio — Kickstarter

    Pendragon Game Studio sta raccogliendo fondi per The Thing - The Boardgame su Kickstarter! The official board game inspired by the 1982 movie The Thing.

  7. Scăieni Phalanstery - Wikipediaăieni_Phalanstery

    Scăieni Phalanstery (Romanian: Falansterul de la Scăieni) was a utopic experimental community (phalanstery) created in 1835–36 by Romanian boyar Teodor Diamant in the town of Scăieni, Prahova County, Wallachia (today part of Boldești-Scăeni Commune) based on the ideas of the French socialist Charles Fourier.

  8. Grigory Potemkin - Wikipedia

    Four of his five sisters lived long enough to bear children, but only the daughters of his sister Marfa Elena (sometimes rendered as 'Helen') received Potemkin's special attention. The five unmarried Engelhardt sisters arrived in court in 1775 on the direction of their recently widowed father Vassily. [124]

  9. Dec 07, 2018 · Romanian Castles in Moldavia. Last, but not least in our top 5 Romanian castles and their legends is a Moldavian castle. People know it as the Sturdza Castle in Miclăușeni. With a long history of over four centuries, the feudal domain of this castle has bared a lot of masters.

  10. 110127 Badanti: storie di fede e nostalgia - YouTube

    Jan 31, 2011 · Treviso - Nella settimana per l'unità dei Cristiani incontriamo le badanti moldave, rumene e ucraine di fede ortodossa (Elena Mattiuzzo)

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