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  1. List of rulers of Moldavia - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · This is a List of rulers of Moldavia, from the first mention of the medieval polity east of the Carpathians and until its disestablishment in 1862, when it united with Wallachia, the other Danubian Principality, to form the modern-day state of Romania

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  3. Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Alexandru Ioan Cuza (pronounced [alekˈsandru iˈo̯an ˈkuza] , or Alexandru Ioan I, also anglicised as Alexander John Cuza; 20 March 1820 – 15 May 1873) was the first domnitor (Ruler) of the Romanian Principalities through his double election as prince of Moldavia on 5th of January 1859 and prince of Wallachia on 2th of January 1859.

    • Ioan Cuza
    • Cuza
  4. Helen of Greece and Denmark - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Helen of Greece and Denmark (Greek: Ελένη, Eleni; Romanian: Elena; 2 May 1896 – 28 November 1982), was the queen mother of Romania during the reign of her son King Michael (1940–1947). She was noted for her humanitarian efforts to save Romanian Jews during World War II , which led to her being awarded by the State of Israel with the ...

  5. Aromanians - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Greek Aromanians have long been associated with the Greek national state, actively participated in the Greek Struggle for Independence, and have obtained very important positions in government, although there was an attempt to create an autonomous Aromanian canton under the protection of Italy at the end of World War I, called Principality of ...

    • 26,500 (2006)
    • 39,855 (1951 census)
    • 8,266 (2011 census)
    • 9,695 (2002 census)
  6. Kingdom of Romania - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · The 1859 ascendancy of Alexandru Ioan Cuza as prince of both Moldavia and Wallachia under the nominal suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire united an identifiably Romanian nation under a single ruler. On 24 January (O.S.) / 5 February 1862, the two principalities were formally united to form the Principality of Romania, with Bucharest as its capital.

  7. Regno di Romania - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Dopo la Prima guerra mondiale, durante il 1918, la Transilvania, parte del Banato, la Bessarabia (Moldavia orientale, tra i fiumi Prut e Dniester) e la Bucovina vennero unite alla Romania. Ad eccezione di alcuni territori presso il fiume Diestr , tutti questi territori vennero uniti in un singolo stato.

  8. Sonic X - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Sonic X (ソニックX Sonikku Ekkusu?) è un anime prodotto da Tokyo Movie Shinsha, ispirato alla popolare serie di videogiochi Sonic the Hedgehog, e tratto da Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 e Sonic Battle per alcune parti delle stagioni della prima serie.