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    The wedding of Ivan the Young and Elena of Moldavia took place allegedly in 1482 or 1483 [778], p.115, [282], p.54. Shortly after Elena of Moldavia gives birth to a son, Dmitry, a family scandal flares up among the family of Ivan III, in the centre of which are Sophia Paleologue, Ivan's III wife, and Elena, his young daughter–in-law.

  2. Ceausescu, Elena (1916–1989) |

    She gave birth to a son Nicolae (known as Nicu), and a daughter Zoia Ceausescu, and in 1946 the Ceausescus also adopted a small boy, Valentin, whose parents could not support him because of a local famine in the province of Moldavia. Determined to play a role in the Communization of Rumania, Elena got a job in the Foreign Ministry in the 1940s ...

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    He married Elena Rosetti in 1844. In 1848, known as the year of European revolutions, Moldavia and Wallachia fell into revolt. The Moldavian unrest was quickly suppressed, but in Wallachia the revolutionaries took power and governed during the summer.

  4. Alexandru Callimachi | Technology Trends

    Callimachi sealed a matrimonial alliance with his marriage to Elena Ghika, daughter of Scarlat Ghika Vodǎ, Prince of Moldavia and Prince of Wallachia ... Their first son, the hospodar Scarlat Callimachi, was Prince of Moldavia at three different times, while Scarlat's son Alexandros was conferred the ...

  5. List of rulers of Moldavia - Wikipedia

    This is a List of rulers of Moldavia, from the first mention of the medieval polity east of the Carpathians and until its disestablishment in 1862, when it united with Wallachia, the other Danubian Principality, to form the modern-day state of Romania

  6. History of Moldova - Wikipedia

    In the 18th century, the territory of Moldavia often became a transit or war zone during conflicts between the Ottomans, Austrians, and Russians. In 1774, following a victory in a war against the Ottomans, Russia occupied Christian Moldavia, still a vassal of the Ottoman Empire at the time.

  7. Romanian Revolution - Wikipedia

    Riots, street violence and murder in several Romanian cities over the course of roughly a week led the Romanian leader to flee the capital city on 22 December with his wife, Elena. Evading capture by hastily departing via helicopter effectively portrayed the couple as both fugitives and also acutely guilty of accused crimes.

  8. Sophie, Princess of Albania - Wikipedia,_Princess_of_Albania

    She had some remote Albanian ancestry, being a descendant of Princess Elena Callimachi, daughter of Prince Scarlat Ghica (1715-1766), who was Prince of Moldavia and Prince of Wallachia and Princess Ruxandra Muruzi. She also descends from Princess Ruxandra Ghica, daughter of Grigore I Ghica (1628-1675), Prince of Wallachia and Princess Maria ...

  9. The name "Moldova" probably derives from the German Mulde , "a deep river valley with high banks." Location and Geography. The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country between Romania and Ukraine that covers 13,199 square miles (33,845 square kilometers).

  10. A Cold War within the Cold War - Romanian exceptionalism ...

    The men and women (of whom Romanians Anna Pauker and Elena Ceausescu were the most significant) who ran the Communist Empire were believers who had risked death and imprisonment from their enemies ...